Tupac Shakur is a cult representative of the old rap school. The artist adored heavy gold chains, diamond rings and, of course, expensive cars. During his life, the artist has changed many cars. We will recall one of the most famous representatives of the Tupac fleet - Jaguar XJS. The artist not only used a dark green convertible in his life, but also “showed” it in music videos.

This is a luxury GT model from the British automaker. The car is developed on the basis of Jaguar XJ sedans. The car was produced for 21 years. During this time, about 115 thousand copies came off the assembly line. Car production was stopped in 1996.

At one time, the Jaguar XJ was one of the most coveted cars. At the end of the last millennium, there were few cars that looked so futuristic and spectacular.


By the way, after the death of rapper Jaguar XJ literally healed his own life. For a long time he moved from one garage to another, changing owners. However, at that time no one drove a car. At some point, the legendary Jaguar XJ was remembered and decided to sell. It happened in 2008. Interestingly, the car was sold along with papers inside. Some of them had a real Tupac signature. The car cost the buyer 40 thousand dollars.



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