Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018


Hyundai Accent is the global model of the South Korean manufacturer - it is sold almost all over the world. In 2017, the fifth generation of the most budgetary car of this brand was presented to motorists.

Manufacturers have modified the power units, slightly changed the appearance of the model and equipped it with a variety of options for a comfort and safety system. More details about the changes are in our review.

Car design

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

The fifth generation of the Accent is a subcompact sedan inspired by the Elantra and Sonata series. The radiator grille has become noticeably larger, which gives the car a sporty look.

For an additional fee, the owner of a brand new Hyundai Accent can order original side mirrors with LED turn signal repeaters. Some elements will have chrome bezels. And in the wheel arches will show off alloy wheels of 17 inches. Their size is emphasized by stampings on the side of the body.

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

In profile, the car looks more like a liftback, but in reality this is only a visual similarity. The boot lid opens like all classic sedans. The rear of the car has received a slightly modified shape of the brake lights.

Model dimensions (in millimeters):

Track width (front / rear)1506/1511
Turning diameter10,4 meter
Weight, kg.1198
Trunk volume, l.480

How does the car go?

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

Despite the small volume of the engine (aspirated 1,4 and 1,6 liters), the car shows good acceleration dynamics, even at full load. The automatic transmission is slightly sluggish, which can be explained by the settings for the economy driving mode.

But the Sport mode makes the car more responsive to the gas pedal. In this case, the speeds are switched practically without prolonged pauses. But using this option will noticeably affect fuel consumption.

The steering is not as responsive as in sports cars, but this does not prevent the new product from smoothly entering corners. The manufacturer has equipped the steering with an electric power amplifier.


Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

In the line of powertrains, the fifth generation Accent left two options:

  • gasoline naturally aspirated engine with a volume of 1,4 liters;
  • similar 1,6-liter modification.

Both engine options work in tandem with either a 6-speed manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

During the test drive, the motors showed the following characteristics:

1,4 MPi MT / AT1,6 MPi MT / AT
engine's type4 cylinders, 16 valves4 cylinders, 16 valves
Power, h.p. at rpm100 at 6000125 at 6300
Torque, Nm., At rpm133 at 4000156 at 4200
TransmissionManual transmission, 6 speeds / automatic transmission variatorManual transmission, 6 speeds / automatic transmission HiVec H-Matic, 4 speeds
Maximum speed, km / h190/185190/180
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec.12,2/11,510,2/11,2

The new model received a suspension identical to the Elantra sedan and Creta crossover. At the front it is an independent MacPherson type, and at the back it is a semi-independent one with a transverse beam. The entire suspension is equipped with an anti-roll bar

The braking system on all wheels is equipped with ventilated (front) discs. They are associated with an emergency braking system that monitors the appearance of an obstacle in the way (a car at an intersection or a pedestrian). If the driver does not respond to warnings, the car will stop by itself.


Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

The updated generation of the Accent has excellent sound insulation. During a quiet ride, the motor is not heard at all.

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

The fifth series received a new work panel. It features a 7-inch multimedia screen and switches for different comfort systems.

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

The rest of the cabin remains virtually unchanged. It has retained its practicality and comfort.

Fuel consumption

Thanks to technical improvements, the latest Hyundai Accent is slightly more economical than its predecessor. On average, the tank volume (43 liters) is enough for 700 kilometers in mixed driving mode.

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

Detailed consumption data (l./100 km.):

1,4 MPi MT / AT1,6 MPi MT / AT

For the average sedan, these are good fuel economy figures. This figure is also achieved due to the excellent aerodynamics of the body. The manufacturer removed all clear edges of the exterior, which reduced wind resistance when driving at high speed.

Maintenance cost

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

Since this model is the next generation of previous generations, the main elements of the chassis, engine compartment and transmission have not been radically changed (only slightly modified). Thanks to this, car maintenance is available for an average-income motorist.

Estimated cost and maintenance regulations (in dollars):

Mileage, thousand km:153045607590105120
Maintenance cost (mechanics)105133135165105235105165
Service cost (automatic)105133135295105210105295

Most of the spare parts fit from the previous generation models, so finding them is not difficult. In addition to scheduled technical maintenance, the cost of all types of work is regulated by the norm for hours. Depending on the service station, this price ranges from $ 12 to $ 20.

Prices for the 2018 Hyundai Accent

Test drive Hyundai Accent 2018

Official representatives of the company are selling a novelty from 13 600 USD. This will be the basic configuration, which will include front airbags, seat belt pretensioners, ABS, ESP. The interior will be made of durable fabric and the wheels will be 14 inches.

In the CIS car market, the following configurations are popular:

Automatic door lock--+
Unlocking doors in a collision--+
Air conditioning+++
Electric power steering+++
Remote control with trunk release button--+
Power windows (front / rear)+/-+ / ++ / +
Heated side mirrors+++
Multimedia / steering wheel controls+/-+ / ++ / +
Leather braided steering wheel--+
Smooth fading of light in the cabin--+

The comfort system of all modifications is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Multimedia can be controlled by voice commands. And in the top model, the manufacturer installs a sunroof, LED optics with running lights and an assistant warning of a possible collision.

For a car in the maximum configuration, the buyer will have to pay from $ 17.


A decent option for a presentable car and an affordable price. Unlike European (Ford Party, Chevrolet Sonic) or Japanese (Honda Fit и Toyota Yaris) analogs, this car is equipped with the latest technologies. And the manufacturer's warranty for the model reaches ten years or 160 kilometers.

A detailed overview of all the pros and cons of the fifth generation 2018-XNUMX Hyundai Accent:

TAKEN a NEW Hyundai Accent, 1,6i on "automatic" test. MY TEST DRIVE.


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