The most expensive cars in 2021


For a car to be worth even a million dollars, it must be a collector's item. At least that was the case many years ago, before Bugatti set the tone for ultra-expensive production cars with the Veyron. So there have been quite a few XNUMX-figure production cars for at least ten years, and this "major league" continues to grow.

Which cars will be the most expensive in 2021? We tried to check, although such a rating is not an easy task. However, it will be easier if we define several main criteria: to be serial (albeit in small quantities), to have homologation for roads, to be able to be delivered to the customer in 2021 (and not to wait for several years). and, of course, cost a hefty seven-figure sum.

Thus, we were able to select 11 models, and just for reference, we will say that the most affordable ones cost exactly a million dollars to buy.


Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign: $ 1 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

The company founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro could have owned the Volkswagen Group through Lamborghini, but allowed herself to play with the iconic Nissan GT-R Nismo, among other things, installing larger turbochargers and increasing the maximum power to 720 horsepower. In addition, the chassis has been redesigned, with the most significant visible change being a special hand-crafted coupe with a unique design. The car will be released in a limited edition of 50 copies for the 50th anniversary of the Nissan GT-R. Each car will cost exactly one million dollars and buyers will be able to choose any color scheme for the car, from launch to date.

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McLaren Elva by MSO: $ 1,7 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

The Elva is a 1200 kg supercar with a maximum output of 815 horsepower. A car designed primarily for on-track entertainment does not have a windshield, but instead uses a special airbag that is achieved by optimizing airflow. Well, for markets like the US market, a windshield is required, which may explain the low overseas sales.

Bentley Bacalar by Mulliner: $ 2 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

Bentley will present several special limited edition models for its most serious customers, which will pass into the hands of the Mulliner division. The first of them is Bacalar, which will be released in a circulation of only 12 pieces. The best evolution of the Continental convertible includes seats made from special wool fabric, a dashboard made from 5000-year-old peat bog wood and a more powerful version of the engine. The special model also includes over 750 custom parts, including at least 40 carbon fiber.


Lotus Evija: $ 2,3 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

Lotus's first electric car is a 2000 horsepower hypercar with a sophisticated 4x4 system that promises to be the lightest and most flexible model of its kind. The British sports brand is now owned by the Chinese conglomerate Geely, which wants to turn it into an all-electric manufacturer of high-performance cars.

Rimac C_Two: $ 2,4 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

The Croatian hyper-electric car made a splash with its appearance and in total all the planned 150 units of it were sold "green" and will reach their owners this year. The C_Two with 1914 horsepower and 4 × 4 electric drive is arguably the closest competitor to the Lotus Evija. However, the Croatian car will also rely on a serious suite of Level 4 autonomous driving systems.

AMG Project One: $ 2,7 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

Converting the 1,6-liter hybrid V6 from Lewis Hamilton's W07 car into a production car is a big challenge. However, this is exactly what does Mercedes-AMG, which is due to launch AMG Project One this year, which was recently renamed to simply AMG One. The car will have over 1000 horsepower and an active aerodynamics system personally tuned by the 7-time Formula 1 champion.

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Aston Martin Valkyrie: $ 3 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

The hypercar was designed by former Aston boss Andy Palmer, designed by former Red Bull Racing Formula 1 specialist Adrian Newey and equipped with a naturally aspirated V12 from Cosworth: the Valkyrie has everything you need to make it a phenomenal car.
Unfortunately, the release of the car has been delayed several times due to the financial problems of the British manufacturer, but so far there are clear signs that this year we will finally see it on the road.

Koenigsegg Jesko: $ 3 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

Christian von Koeningseg named this car after his father out of respect and tried not to embarrass the family. Jesko is a truly unique hypercar. In fact, the Swedish company calls it "megacola". The sporty beast is powered by a 5-liter V8 engine and develops a maximum power of 1280 horsepower when running on gasoline. If you pour in an ethanol mixture, the car is already achieving even more brutal 1600 "horses". They are transferred to the rear wheels via an innovative 9-speed gearbox.
An even more extreme version of Absolute, which will be uncompromising in terms of elevator control, is currently being finalized.

Lamborghini Sián FKP 37: $ 3,6 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

Lamborghini discovered the lucrative world of limited edition models through its Veneno program, and when this proved to be very successful, the company continued to develop more and more special designs. This was the case with Sian, who later added FKP 37 to his name in honor of Ferdinand Pich.
With a circulation of 63 units, this model is currently the fastest model in the brand. It uses a 48-volt hybrid system that uses super-capacitors instead of batteries.


Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: $ 3,6 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

As we mentioned at the beginning, it was Bugatti that opened the automotive world to the production of mega-expensive production models. Each new model of the French brand was more expensive than the previous one, but there is a small exception: the already sold Super Sport 300+ was estimated at $ 3,9 million, and the new Pur Sport is 300000 cheaper.

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Pagani Huayra Tricolore: $ 6,5 million

The most expensive cars in 2021

Can this be considered a production car, if the team of Horace Pagani will make only three copies of the model dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Italian Air Force aerobatic team? Well, you could put it that way, the Tricolore is essentially a Huayra BC roadster with a few unique elements, a distinct design theme and the best Pagani mechanics.

As you can see, the most expensive model from 2021 costs almost twice as much as the runner-up. And obviously there is a reason ...

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