New independent car

Lovers of reliable cars will soon be pleasantly surprised and delighted with the novelties of the German car industry. The innovative Nathalie car is presented to the public. It will be completely electric. The highlight of the new car will be a super fast refueling system. In economy mode, it will be able to travel up to 1 km without refueling, and at a cruising speed of 200 kilometers per hour - 121 km.

New independent car

Roland Gumpert - previous manager Audi Motorsport - unveiled its groundbreaking Nathalie supercar in 2018. The combination of clean energy from an electric vehicle and the use of electrochemical devices that generate electricity from the combustion of methanol (alcohol) make this vehicle revolutionary. The technical data of the car was stunning for those times. At the moment, the inventor of the car has unveiled a completely new version of the car.

Smart car characteristics

New independent car

The main feature of the electric car is the non-standard 2Way power system. What is it? Electric motors mounted on wheels are powered by a battery located in the lower part (floor) of the car. It is charged in a hybrid methanol fuel cell system located in the engine compartment.

The peculiarity of such a device is that the batteries can be charged even without using the mains. The system can be recharged both during acceleration and deceleration, and at idle. These processes make Nathalie a self-charging machine. The driver will need only three minutes to pour alcohol into a special tank and the miracle car has already recharged.

RG Nathalie got 536 hp. And it will cover the milestone of 100 kilometers / hour in just 2,5 seconds. The top speed will be 306 km / h. It is planned to launch the car in series. However, it will be only 500 copies of the car. Such a car will cost from 300 to 000 euros.



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