New badges for Volkswagen and Audi

Videos have become available on the Internet, in which it is said that Volkswagen and Audi changed their logos. Such actions of well-known car brands are dictated primarily by concern for the health of mankind. The manufacturers have shared their logos.

This is how German automakers remind people that it is advisable and beneficial to keep their distance during a pandemic. With this decision, they remind everyone of the recommendations of the World Health Organization that maintaining a distance between people of more than one meter slows down the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

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New badges for Volkswagen and Audi

“Traditionally, here at Volkswagen, we always overcome all crises together and help each other. We are confident that collectively we can find a new way to combat this threat. At the moment, it is necessary that everyone adheres to the rules of behavior and personal hygiene. It is important to be very disciplined in this matter. By keeping your distance, you will be safe! ”- the press service of Volkswagen reports.

New badges for Volkswagen and Audi

Audi's press service said: "By staying at home and keeping your distance, you will certainly stay healthy and set a good example of what it means to support others in a wide variety of circumstances." The logo has changed on their official website.

In turn, the firm Ford wants to start producing respirators, protective masks and ventilators. The company is committed to actively supporting healthcare professionals to continue to fight the deadly infection.

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