Test drive Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: an exciting drama


It's not just a car

The extra increased power and vastly improved road dynamics make the phenomenal Lamborghini Aventador in the SVJ and thus further alienates it from the roads on which "mortal" cars travel.

The painting context of the Aventador SVJ in matte Rosso Mimir is a rather sinister tone that probably does not seek to celebrate the wisdom and depth of knowledge of a Nordic deity, but simply reflects the color of the blood spilled during his beheading.

With shelves under the arms

The V12 engine is increased by 20 horses to 770 hp. The power is just right for acceleration 1,14 meters (height), 4,94 meters (length) and 2,10 meters (width without mirrors). The Aventador is so sinister that just touching the brake pedal isn't enough.

Test drive Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: an exciting drama

Six-piston brake calipers try to turn 400mm discs into a fine powder of ceramic and carbon fiber. The foot is still not completely separated from the brake pedal as you enter a corner, and the SVJ changes direction almost impulsively.

The next turn, third row, to the right with a rise, sharper than the previous one. The same procedure - foot boldly on the gas, all systems operate in Corsa mode. Where, if not here? This is the place of the real Aventador.

While the Huracán Performante is still in the mountains, the Aventador has already stepped out for the next banquet and flew into a different orbit. As for the landing. Some of the pilots who drive around the car see nothing when they lie behind the wheel.

One of the two wide front speakers always obstructs the front view. In such cases, the only thing that saves is the assurance that the areas around the ideal line are paved.

Sticky heat

The first morning runs take place in an atmosphere of complete understeer, before the sun gradually burns through the new asphalt and brings with it hard traction. The Aventador literally traverses the 4,14 km route, crushes a fun combination of turns, and plunges into the long Parabolica Ayrton Senna.

Test drive Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: an exciting drama

The SVJ's active rear-wheel steering responds more sharply, the stabilizer cross-sections are increased by 50%, and the shock absorbers are 15% stiffer.

“You will feel the change first,” promises Maurizio Regani, Research Director in advance. When buying a supercar, everyone gets a personal instructor in the right place (on the first rides). It definitely doesn't happen every day ...

With temperature and grip, speed increases, and one wonders what the air does after being cut by the short and razor-sharp front of the Aventador. The answer is that it is used with an active aerodynamic system, which the Italians call Aerodynamica Lamborghini Attiva 2.0 or ALA for short, which means wing in Italian.

In fact, it is a rather technically complex system based on fast-acting (within 500 milliseconds) valves in the front spoiler and hood. In practice, it can optimally manage the drag and therefore the aerodynamic pressure in order to increase the grip on the front and rear axles - even minor adjustments to the left and right balance are possible. Compared to its predecessor, the Aventador SV, pressure has increased by 40% and drag has decreased by 1%.

Test drive Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: an exciting drama

SVJ power has not increased significantly. However, according to Regani, the weight has been reduced by 50 kilograms, and now the car weighs only 1525 kilograms dry. In addition, the rear wheels are now actively steered, and while the steering still uses a variable ratio, it feels surprisingly natural in the new SVJ.

Especially in Corsa mode, the steering wheel feel is extremely balanced, everyone really believes they are driving this Lambo and feels ready to even resist if necessary, rather than panicky to events outside of it.

The dual transmission system can now send 3% more engine torque to the rear axle wheels with a maximum torque of 720 Nm. at 6750 rpm! These turbocharger wonders are often overlooked.

The lightweight flywheel has rid the 6,5-liter V12 of its once-slow reactions, and now it responds more appropriately to the powerful blast right behind you. Of course, with special concentration.

Test drive Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: an exciting drama

Meanwhile, your gaze falls on the tachometer, and you are surprised to find that the needle is rapidly approaching 9000 rpm. Switch, switch !!! Paddle shifters shift the transmission to the next gear with one click. The whole acceleration process occurs so quickly that an inexperienced driver does not have time to change gears.

“There's no room in the tunnel between the seats and the engine for a dual-clutch box,” Regani explained. For this reason, mechanical transmissions are installed.



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