5 cars changing tires can tire you


For them, this procedure is not only very expensive, but also quite complicated.

Changing tires is a routine procedure and is most often done twice a year. In general, it is not expensive, but this does not apply to all brands and models. In some of them, a change can even ruin the owner of the vehicle, and besides the fact that it is expensive, it is also quite difficult .. Accordingly, it takes a lot of time. And this is further proof that the maintenance of the "dream car" can be difficult even for a person with great financial capabilities. Here are 5 cars that prove this.


5 cars changing tires can tire you

The legendary sports model appeared in 1992 and to this day enjoys great interest among collectors. Some of them cost $ 15 million, but this amount increases significantly, as the supercar also needs maintenance.

The manufacturer recommends changing tires every 3 years, regardless of their condition. The procedure itself costs a whopping $ 50 as the Mclaren F000 is technically much closer to a racing car than a sports car. And after changing tires, the car must go onto the track so that the chassis can be adjusted to the new set. For this, the entire route is rented, which further increases the price.


5 cars changing tires can tire you

A set of tires for a hypercar, which a few years ago was called the "Fastest Production Car in the World", costs exactly $ 38. They should be changed every 000-2 years or when the mileage is 3 km. Fortunately, after installing new tires, no chassis adjustments are required. So this is one of the few indicators that the Veyron is cheaper than its owner than the already mentioned McLaren F4000.


5 cars changing tires can tire you

This car can also be called a "dream car", because there is hardly a real car enthusiast who does not want to get behind the wheel of a huge dump truck. There are two types of tires available for it - radial and bias, the first wears out after 100 km, and the second - twice as fast.

This is why there is a significant price difference. A radial tire costs about $ 7000 (apiece), while a bias tire can jump up to 10 times .. Shipping is also charged separately, as the tire itself is huge and therefore more expensive. Replacing 4 wheels of a dump truck takes more than 2 hours.

Monster truck

5 cars changing tires can tire you

The huge Monster Truck pickup tires are mostly made by Goodyear. Each costs about $ 2500 and it takes a team of several mechanics 50 hours to install them. The work is quite specific, and this explains its high price - $ 12, excluding the cost of tires.


5 cars changing tires can tire you

The tires of the Italian supercar cost $ 1000 each, or $ 4000 per set. However, their installation is not easy and requires special equipment and some additional knowledge of the car design. Therefore, the procedure itself costs another $ 5000. This means that about 10 people will be required to purchase and replace the entire set of new tires.



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