Automatic traction control is available as standard equipment for Volvo FMX with leading front axle

Volvo Trucks' new automatic traction control automatically activates front axle drive while driving, thus preventing the risk of the truck getting stuck. The driver can expect better maneuverability, fuel economy and reduced truck wear.

Volvo Trucks is the first truck manufacturer in the world to offer automatic four-wheel drive for construction trucks. Automatic Traction Control automatically activates front axle drive when the rear wheels lose traction on slippery or soft ground.

“Many drivers start steering the front wheels or locking the differential long before reaching a difficult area to avoid the risk of getting stuck. Thanks to automatic traction control, this happens while driving and for a short time, ”says Jonas Odermalm, Volvo Trucks Construction Segment Manager.

Volvo Trucks' automatic traction control is available as standard equipment on the front wheel drive Volvo FMX and is used by Volvo Construction Equipment on its articulated machines. The solution includes software related to wheel speed sensors that detect and monitor wheel movement. When one of the rear wheels begins to slip, power automatically switches to the front without losing power or truck speed. The front wheels are driven by a toothed clutch in just half a second. The clutch is lighter and has fewer moving parts than a traditional XNUMXWD solution. If the driver is driving into particularly uneven terrain, he can manually lock the other differentials in both the front and rear.

“Automatic Traction Control is another example of how innovative technology makes things easier and more practical. We are convinced that just as I-Shift revolutionized transmissions, this new development will do the same with front-wheel drive, ”says Richard Fritz, vice president of Volvo Trucks Brand.

Automatic traction control concentrates on steering in critical situations, provides better maneuverability and reduces fuel consumption and wear on the power line and tires.

Volvo Trucks - Automatic Traction Control - for improved handling and economy




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