Angle grinder - which one to buy? Recommended cordless angle grinders


Cutting metal, plastic, ceramics and even wood can be done with an angle grinder. It is only important to choose the right blade. What does a cordless angle grinder look like in the listings? What are its benefits?

Why do you need an angle grinder? 

Sometimes cutting materials can be done with hand tools. For many amateurs who are not too busy with work, electrical equipment is not needed. It is important to note that obtaining high cutting accuracy with the simultaneous absence of force application and in a short time are the undoubted advantages of devices for cutting various elements.

The same goes for the angle grinder. Network models are very popular among users, but devices that use batteries also occupy a significant market share. Battery powered angle grinder It will work not only where the classic cable model is, but also in hard-to-reach places without a constant power source.

Cordless Angle Grinder - Application 

In terms of power, battery analogues are not inferior to network ones. Therefore, their purpose is very wide. With their help, you can cut reinforcement elements on construction sites (for example, clamp wire or tie wire), adjust the length and shape of paving stones (of course, with a concrete disc) and even polish metal or wood.

An additional function may be surface smoothing. Then a grinder with smooth speed control will come in handy. Thanks to this, it will be possible not only to cut or grind objects, but also to polish elements. Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate the ability to work quietly alone without having to lug extension cords around.

At home, a cordless angle grinder will be useful where there is little access to objects that need to be cut or sanded. These can be, for example, nails in boards that are difficult to knock out with a hammer or cut with scissors for metal. It will also work very well when working in a large area where you need to quickly complete a task without first moving all things to one place.

What angle grinder for amateur and advanced tasks? 

The main parameter that will allow you to choose the right device is its power. At present, battery versions can match the performance of mains models, but there is no point in looking for units with the highest rated power if you do not use their potential. Typically, at home, such devices do not need more than 600 W of power, which is more than enough to solve basic tasks. In addition, it will also help extend battery life.

However, in the case of more professional use, it is worth looking for more powerful models that offer usable power in the range of 800-1000 watts. Thanks to this, resource-intensive operations such as cutting thick steel, strip or profiles will be efficient and will not strain the device itself.

Angle grinder on a battery - what else is worth paying attention to? 

An important parameter is the maximum disc diameter that can be installed in the equipment. Typically, models powered by Li-Ion batteries have the ability to install replaceable 125 mm discs. This is a standard size that will suit the needs of the vast majority of users. In this way, it will also be possible to efficiently cut, grind or polish, taking into account the speed of rotation.

Of course, a cordless angle grinder does not always have to have exactly this disk size. There are models that can work with elements with a diameter of 180 mm, but often require more powerful batteries, or even two for a higher voltage. They are intended mainly for complex field work.

Cordless grinder and other tools in the workshop 

If this is the first battery powered device of its kind, it doesn't really matter which manufacturer you choose. The situation is somewhat different in the case of a power tool under the sign of one brand. For example, an interesting YATO 18V YT-82826 model is perfect for use with batteries of various capacities from 2-6 Ah. With other products from this manufacturer, you can buy only the device itself without a charger and an additional battery, which will significantly reduce costs.

The choice of power tools for the home workshop is so great that it can be equipped with screwdrivers, grinders, radios and even drills. By choosing models from specific series, they can be equipped with the same type of battery and placed in it, depending on the equipment used.

What angle grinder in a certain price range? 

Listed below are some of the leading cordless grinders on the market. They are here!

GRAPHITE 58G003, Energy + cordless angle grinder 

A tool worth just over PLN 200. It is adapted to work with discs with a diameter of 115 mm and 18V batteries. It provides idle speed up to 10 rpm. It will work in the hands of a DIY enthusiast who uses such a power tool from time to time.

YATO 18V YT-82826 Angle Grinder 

This is the model mentioned in the article, which works with cutting elements with a diameter of 125 mm. Like its predecessor, it runs at 10 rpm, allowing fast cutting of steel bars of various diameters. Equipped with battery overheating protection and anti-vibration system. An interesting item worth PLN 000.

Angle grinder MAKITA DGA517RTJ, 125 mm MDGA517RTJ 

If you are wondering which variable speed angle grinder will run on batteries, you can definitely recommend this product. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as a brushless DC motor, XPT (Dust and Dirt Resistant), ADT (Automatic Speed ​​and Torque Adjustment for a Given Material) or restart protection to prevent accidental starting of the motor. device.

All of the above power tools are perfect for both amateur and more responsible work.

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