Trimmer up to PLN 300 - does it make sense?


In most gardens, there is no substitute for a traditional lawn mower. However, sometimes it can be too large, especially if you just want to cut the grass neatly. The trimmer is perfect for this. You will find many models that cost less than PLN 300. What should be a good and inexpensive trimmer?

What can a trimmer be used for?

Trimmers are often used to mow small strips of greenery. Of course, it can remove grass and weeds from a large lawn, but this can usually be done faster with a regular lawn mower. The trimmer, on the other hand, is most often used for minor fixes. It is also ideal for removing weeds and plants from hard to reach areas such as around walls or under bushes. Trimmers have a blade that accurately reaches almost all nooks and crannies.

Cheap hedge trimmer or electric trimmer?

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of braids. They differ primarily in parameters, weight, and purpose. Therefore, it is worth viewing all types in order to be able to choose the model that is best for you.

Electric grass trimmers

The trimmer is often chosen for its lightness and ease of use. Unfortunately, the need to connect a cable can be a big barrier to use. Power supply will be a big problem if the outlet is not near the mowing area.

Cordless grass trimmers

An alternative to the electric model are models with a built-in battery. Thanks to the power source connected to them, you can use the trimmer without access to electricity. The limitation may be the capacity of the battery, which requires frequent recharging. It should also be mentioned that these models are heavier than electric ones.

brush cutters

Gasoline braids are among the heaviest models, so when using them, a special belt with stretch marks is put on the hips, which should relieve the hands. This equipment is ideal for large areas and neglected terrain. Effectively removes all weeds and even small shrubs. The disadvantages, unfortunately, include the unpleasant smell of exhaust gases and very loud engine operation.

The place of mowing can affect the choice

If you just need to cut a few weeds that can't be removed with a regular lawn mower, you can opt for an electric trimmer. It is perfect for use in a small garden where there is no problem accessing an electrical outlet. In the case of large places, it is worth choosing a battery model. However, if you are looking for a trimmer for special tasks and you are not embarrassed by extra noise, choose a solid mower. It is more efficient than electric models and will surely handle many plants.

What additional elements should a trimmer have?

When choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to two important elements. Firstly, it is the ability to adjust the stem with the drive shaft. This is a particularly important issue in the context of electrical models. A handle that is too short can cause bending, and a handle that is too long will be awkward to use. Also note the safety bow that keeps the correct distance between the cutting head and whatever the machine is approaching. This prevents damage to plants and the trimmer itself.

The best trimmers under PLN 300

If you care about the highest quality and intend to use your trimmer regularly, your best bet is to go for something with a higher price tag. However, if you are only going to use the trimmer occasionally, you can easily find good equipment for less than PLN 300. We present the best models worth trying.

Electric grass trimmer MAKITA UR3000 - This model has a power of 450 W and is equipped with a cable. The advantages include an adjustable handle and a bar that can be extended by 24 centimeters. Both of these elements greatly facilitate use and increase comfort. With this trimmer, you can mow grass in corners, and the 180-degree swivel head allows you to reach all corners.

HECHT cordless trimmer - equipped with a 1.3 Ah battery with a voltage of 3.6 V, which ensures long-term operation in various conditions. It has an adjustable handle with protection against accidental activation. It also has an additional handle to help keep it stable while working. Another advantage is the blade change system, which allows you to do this in just a few seconds.

Cordless trimmer KARCHER LTR - motor power 450 watts. This model is equipped with a cable and protection against pulling the power cord. It has an aluminum telescopic tube that can be extended up to 24 centimeters and an adjustable handle. The head rotates 180 degrees reaching each spot. The trimmer is very light, weighing only 1,6 kg.

A good trimmer doesn't have to be expensive. High-quality equipment can cost less than PLN 300, so it’s not worth overpaying for it!

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