TOP 5 tips to protect your car from theft


In the life of a motorist, there are many situations that test his nerves for strength. Among the frequently occurring ones is a road, even a familiar one. But everyone’s worst nightmare is to be in a situation where the car disappeared from the last parking spot. According to statistics for 2019, 766 cars were stolen in the first quarter in Ukraine. Among them are not only expensive models. Even Soviet classics are consumed.

Manufacturers of modern anti-theft tools provide a wide range of anti-theft devices. Here are the most common methods that experienced motorists use to ensure safety:

  • gps against theft;
  • car alarm;
  • control panel protection;
  • mechanical locks;
  • comprehensive protection.

Put GPS beacon auto trackingTOP 5 tips to protect your car from theft

This device is compatible with the electrical equipment of modern cars. It is easy to install, but hard to find. Any change in the parameters of the car is recorded and transmitted to the server. Some models have the function of remote control of vehicle nodes. For example, you can block the engine from unauthorized starting.


GPS beacon can work on battery, or have an individual power system. Some are equipped with a slot for a cellular card. In the case of theft, auto tracking will speed up the search for the loss, indicating the exact location of the device, sending information via SMS to the host phone.

Put an expensive alarmTOP 5 tips to protect your car from theft

Standard alarms can frighten a novice thief. But an experienced hijacker knows how to deal with such protection. Therefore, do not skimp on the anti-theft system more expensive. For example, an emergency feedback alarm will inform you of attempts to open the car without a key.

Additional motion sensors will transmit to the key fob a signal about the approach of strangers to the car. Modern models are compatible with immobilizers that block the main components of the car, preventing the engine from starting, or the movement of vehicles.

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Buy a protective cover for the control panelTOP 5 tips to protect your car from theft

Any alarm control panel transmits a signal to the central unit, which the reader can fix. In the hands of a hijacker, such a deflector is a real problem. It copies the impulse of the car alarm and can broadcast it at the request of the new "owner". Putting the vehicle on an alarm, the owner will not notice how the thief's equipment recorded the data.

To ensure safety in this situation, you should purchase a protective cover for the keychain. The product is equipped with a screen that prevents signal propagation when the key fob is not used. The cover is suitable for any model of auto protection.

Add mechanical protectionTOP 5 tips to protect your car from theft

All electronic protections have a significant drawback. They depend on electricity, which makes them useless if the car is de-energized. The battery has run out - theft has been secured.

The use of mechanical locking devices is the advice of many experienced car owners. The device of such devices is simple. They are easy to install and remove. Locks prevent the steering wheel from turning, control pedal pressure, and lock the gear lever. To eliminate them, the thief will have to sweat, which will certainly arouse suspicion among bystanders.

Use comprehensive protection

Any protective system has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, auto tracking will allow you to quickly find a car, but does not protect it from theft. Therefore, a universal remedy for theft does not exist.

The surest step that can protect the iron horse is a combination of several options. The combination of electronic and mechanical interlocks is an ideal method, especially in the event of an emergency blackout of a vehicle. This combination is good against mechanical theft methods, and protects against the use of electronic readers.


It is impossible to guess what kind of protection the owner of the car uses. The use of different protective equipment will complicate the task for the thief and will help the motorist to be calm for the safety of his car.

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