TOP 10 smallest cars in the world


The first subcompact cars appeared over 80 years ago. Today small cars are in wide demand in big cities, because they are able to "slip" through traffic jams, consume little fuel, and parking is available at any spot. So let's take a look at the smallest cars in the world.

10. Pasquali Riscio

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

The Italian "kid" is a three-wheeled electric car, depending on the modification it can be single and double. The curb weight is 360 kg, the length hardly exceeds two meters (2190), the height is 1500 and the width is 1150 mm. A full battery charge is enough for 50 km, and the maximum speed is 40 km / h. In Florence, Pasquali Riscio can be driven without a driver's license.

9. Daihatsu Move

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

The production of Japanese cars began in 1995. Initially, it was a nondescript machine, but it was quite functional: all doors open 90 °, there is much more space in the cabin than it seems, engine power varies from 52 to 56 hp, which are paired with an automatic transmission or a variator. Dimensions (L / W / H): 3395 × 1475 × 1620 mm.

8. Fiat Seventeenth century

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

The mini car is produced from 1998 to 2006. At home, the car is quite popular due to its attractive appearance, a wide range of power plants, the ability to increase the trunk from 170 to 800 liters. Also, the comfort is facilitated by the presence of a power steering, sunroof and air conditioning. Fuel consumption in the city does not exceed 7 liters, on the highway it decreases to 5. It weighs only 730 kg, dimensions (L / W / H): 3319x1508x1440 mm.

7. Aston Martin Cygnet

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

One of the most expensive small cars is the brainchild of the English car industry. This is a real sports car in the back of an urban runabout. The model for creating Cygnet was Toyota IQ. The British have worked on the car to make it look like Aston Martin brothers: lenticular optics, branded radiator grille and bumpers resemble the DBS model. Dimensions (L / W / H): 3078x1680x1500mm. Under the hood is a petrol 1.3 liter, 98-strong unit, acceleration to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds.

6. Mercedes Smart For Two

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

The popular two-seater coupe saw the world in 1998. “Smart” won the hearts of European motorists, and to this day is actively sold in many countries around the world. Despite its modest dimensions (L / W / H) 1812x2500x1520mm, For Two earned 4 stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, thanks to the capsule-shaped body shell. The range of power plants consists of 0.6 and 0.7 liter turbocharged gasoline engines, paired with a six-speed "robot". The basic configuration includes ABS, stabilization system, traction control and airbags. Despite the dimensions and small wheels, Smart gives you branded “Mercedes” comfort.

5. Suzuki Twin

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

A two-seater car is specially designed for urban use. Its rounded body design makes it easy to mistake for a full-size passenger car. Under the hood is a three-cylinder 44-horsepower engine with a volume of 0.66 liters. The engine is paired with a mechanical and automatic transmission. The length (mm) of the "baby" is 2735, the width is 1475 and the height is 1450. Such dimensions allow you to comfortably move around the city at a speed not exceeding 60 km / h, after which the car “throws” along the road and shakes from oncoming traffic. But the average fuel consumption is 2.9 liters. Produced from 2003 to 2005, the price of a new car was $ 12.

4. Peugeot 107

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

107th is a joint development of PeugeotCitroen and Toyota. The smallest member of the Peugeot family was produced from 2005 to 2014. 107th, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo share a common platform, and under the "twins" hood is a Japanese liter unit with a capacity of 68 hp, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 13.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption does not exceed 4.5 liters.

The design of the car was loved by many: convex triangular headlights, "swollen" bumpers, a trunk lid made entirely of glass, and in general, the design of the car is made in a feminine way. The cabin has enough space for 4 people. The rear row is not crowded due to the stretched wheelbase. Overall dimensions (L / W / H): 3435x1630x1470 mm. The curb weight is 800 kg. Despite the size of the body, the 107th behaves steadily on the highway at a speed of 100 km / h.

3. Chevrolet Spark

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

Spark is a deeply redesigned American version Daewoo Matiz. The five-door hatchback has been produced since 2009, designed for the American and European markets. Thanks to the branded "chopped" design, combined with calm lines, "Spark" has won its audience in many countries of the world. The small size of the body (3640x1597x1552 mm) does not mean that the cabin is cramped, on the contrary, five people can be fully accommodated. The curb weight is 939 kg.

The base engine is 1.2 by 82 hp, it can reach the first "hundred" in 13 seconds, and the average gas mileage does not exceed 5.5 liters. The small car is equipped with ABS, frontal Airbags and side curtain airbags, which allowed it to score 4 stars in the Euro NCAP crash test.

2. Daewoo Matiz

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

If you ask what is the mass subcompact car in the CIS, they will answer you - Daewoo Matiz. Produced from 1997 to 2015. Dimensions: 3495 x 1495 x 1485mm. The five-door hatchback offered to choose one of two engines: 0.8 (51 hp) and 1.0 (63 hp), as a transmission you can choose among a mechanical "five-step" and a four-speed automatic transmission. The equipment of the car includes a hydraulic booster and air conditioning - what else is needed for a female runabout?

The main advantages of Matiz:

  • average fuel consumption of 5 liters
  • maintenance and repair costs
  • reliability of the power unit and transmission
  • wear-resistant interior materials.

1. Peel P50

TOP 10 smallest cars in the world

The first place in the rating "The smallest car in the world" - English Peel P50. The length of the three-wheeled "unit" is 1370, the width is 1040 and the height is 1170 millimeters. Peel represents the micro class of cars, although it looks more like a motorized carriage. The three-wheeled car is driven by a 2-stroke engine with a power of 4.5 hp, which allows a speed of 60 km / h. By the way, there is a handle on the back of the car to manually unfold this miracle of British engineering.



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