Test drive the new Toyota Corolla


The novelty of the Japanese car industry of the Corolla family appeared at the beginning of 2019 and has already managed to fall in love with lovers of reliable cars. Traditionally, the car combines practicality, durability and comfort. What makes the new Corolla unique in its kind?

Car design

Compared to its predecessors, the car has acquired a more elegant body shape. Outwardly, this is the beloved Corolla, but with a mesmerizing premium accent.

Test drive the new Toyota Corolla

The calling card of the whole family Toyota The Corolla remains a traditional compact sedan. However, the updated version received two more bodies.

Test drive the new Toyota Corolla
Station wagon
Test drive the new Toyota Corolla
Sedan Hatchback Station wagon
Length (mm.) 4630 4370 4495
Width (mm.) 1780 1790 1745
Height (mm.) 1435 1450 1460
Wheelbase (mm.) 2700 2640 2640

How does the car go?

Test drive the new Toyota Corolla

The car responds well to the variety of road surfaces in the country. The center of gravity shifted downwards makes transport more adequate when cornering. The damping system is adapted for a comfortable ride on the road of different quality.

The happy owners of the updated sedan have noticed a number of improvements. Accelerated steering response. The 2019 Toyota Corolla grips more firmly when cornering. The only discomfort when driving on porous asphalt, or pits, is noise. It is caused by the weak insulation of the arches.

Another negative nuance is the work of the variator. The monotonous noise at the “tear” at maximum speed slightly smears the ride comfort. But if you do not press the pedal to the floor, this problem will not be.

The first test drive with different driving styles showed the uniqueness of the novelty. Corolla 2019 showed great dynamism and playfulness. You can play on it and spend time in slow-life mode. In this case, the car behaves stably and adequately.


The European version of the sedan comes standard with a 1,6L gasoline engine. It has front-wheel drive. The motor develops power up to 132 horsepower. At 6000 rpm, the unit pulls 122 horses. And at 5200 rpm. issues 153 N.M. torque. The base model is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and a CVT transmission. In the first case, acceleration to hundreds will be 11 seconds, and in the second - 10,8. The mass of the car is 1370 kg in the case of a manual transmission and 15 kg heavier with a variator.

In hybrid variants, two versions appeared. The first is an alternative to a diesel engine. This is a 1,8-liter turbocharged setup paired with a 72-horsepower electric motor. The total power of this configuration was 122 horses.

The more dynamic hybrid model is equipped with a 153-liter 180 hp engine. and a 180-horsepower electrical unit. The total power of this design is 7,9 horses. The sports version is gaining a hundred in XNUMX seconds.

For an additional fee, the 2019 Corolla will be equipped with an additional motor for the rear wheels. This option will be useful on slippery roads. Although the standard equipment is sufficient for the modern speed limit in Ukraine.

Body Sedan
Checkpoint 6-speed manual / variator
Acceleration to 100 km / h. 11 / 10,8 seconds
ICE inline four, 16-valve, 1,6 liters., 122 hp, 153 N.M.
Fuel Gasoline
Drive unit Front
Weight 1370/1385 kg.
Maximum speed 195/185 km / h.
Suspension front - MacPherson shock absorbers with anti-roll bar rear - independent spring with two wishbones and stabilizer
Wheels 195/55 R15 and 205/55 R16 or 17

An additional option of the updated model is the sport mode. For him, the manufacturer equips the car with paddle shifters that imitate a 10-speed gearshift. But you should not expect something supernatural from this system. The motor will not produce more horses. The transition from one gear to another will be more accurate. This mode will ensure the minimum speed loss between transmissions.


In the salon of the new model, there have been no cardinal changes. The display on the work console has increased. It does not interfere with driving. At the same time, the data on it is clearly visible, which does not distract the driver while driving.

The projection screen became an additional detail. All important information, including warnings, is duplicated on the windshield.

Test drive the new Toyota Corolla

The torpedo is made in two styles. The customer can choose between leather trim and classic silver plastic.

Test drive the new Toyota Corolla
Test drive the new Toyota Corolla

Due to the increased wheelbase for passengers in the rear seat there is more space. The front seats are set slightly lower than their predecessor.

Fuel consumption

In urban mode, a gasoline unit consumes about 6,6 liters per 100 kilometers. The variator model showed a small savings - 6,3 per hundred. Hybrid Corolla in traffic jams and tidbits switches to electric traction. The internal combustion engine turns on when the accelerator is pressed more firmly. In this mode, the unit produces a pleasant figure from 3,7 to 4 liters per 100 km. This generation is not equipped with diesel engines.

Engines: Petrol Hybrid Diesel
Around the city / 100km. +6,3 +3,7 -
On the highway / 100km. +5,5 3,3 -

Maintenance cost

With regard to repair and maintenance, the car is not included in the category of budget transport. For example, for maintenance of a hybrid with a range of 10 to 60 thousand kilometers, you will have to pay from 2500 to 9000 from an authorized Toyota dealer.

Maintenance work Estimated cost of the service, UAH
Maintenance (replacement of oil, candles, filters, diagnostics) 2600-7300 depending on mileage
Diagnostics of shock absorbers and brakes from 400
Cleaning the fuel system from 1800
Wheel alignment from 950
Cleaning the air conditioner from 750

Prices for Toyota Corolla

At the car market, the Ukrainian buyer will be provided with 4 types of equipment. The standard has airbags, halogen headlights, air conditioning, heated seats, power windows, hill start assist, electric heating of the passenger compartment.

Classic set - multifunctional heated wheel, 4-inch monitor, the ability to install a variator. Equipping the Comfort option - six airbags, climate control for two zones, a 7-inch information display and multimedia with an 8-inch sensor, a rear-view camera. Options Prestige - front and rear parking sensors, heated rear seats, keyless entry and start from the button.

Auto option Price, UAH. from:
Petrol 431 943
Hybrid 616 320
Diesel Not produced

The official dealer offers a standard gasoline sedan at a price of 431 943 UAH. The budget version lacks side airbags, protective curtains, climate control, cruise control. The variator analog is sold more expensive - 468 941 UAH.


The twelfth coming of Toyota's brainchild of the Corolla family encourages you to leave a pleasant review about the operation of the car. Ergonomics, design, dynamics and comfort are the advantages of the model. Any owner will appreciate the additional features of the Toyota Corolla - lane control sensors and a road sign tracking system. A cozy interior, affordable spare parts, the availability of service and repair specialists - allow the new product to remain at the top among motorists.



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