Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation


Formally, the eighth generation of Hyundai Sonata sedans belongs to the D-class cars. But outwardly he looks like a representative of the business class. In South Korea, the model is called a four-door coupe.

The world community learned about the new product in March 2019. It is ideal for motorists who value practicality, safety and an affordable price tag in a car.

The manufacturer gave expression to the appearance of the car, but it received a lot of updates not only in the exterior. In this review, we will try to take a closer look at these changes.

Car design

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

Ahead of the car, new optics with running lights flaunt, smoothly turning into a chrome edging that goes from the hood through the entire body to the rear doors. The radiator mesh gives the look an aggressive look and the bumper has a chrome finish. The sloping bonnet and curved bumper create a self-confident smile.

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

From the side, the model looks a bit like a coupe - it has an elongated hood and a sloping roof that blends seamlessly into a small aerodynamic spoiler. The doors are stamped. On the rear side, the picture is completed by the unique optics of the brake lights, connected by an LED strip.

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

The dimensions of the car already allow it to be moved to category E. Compared with the seventh generation, this model has become larger:

Length, mm.4900
Width, mm.1860
Height, mm.1465
Wheelbase, mm2840
Track width, mm. (front / back)1620/1623
Weight, kg.1484
Trunk volume, l.510
Maximum lifting capacity, kg.496
Clearance, mm.155
Turning radius, m5,48

The wheel arches house aluminum rims with a radius of 16 inches. If desired, you can order analogs for 17 or 18 inches.

How does the car go?

The novelty is built on a new platform (DN8), which is based on an all-metal body structure using high-strength steel. The Sonata received reinforced stretchers and rigid levers. The suspension is the usual MacPherson strut (front) and multi-link independent (rear).

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

All of these components ensure minimal roll when cornering. Thanks to the presence of stabilizers, both front and rear, the car does not sway on uneven roads.

The new model has good aerodynamic properties. Thereby Hyundai The 8th generation Sonata is dynamic, although the powertrains are slightly weaker than its predecessor.

On a flat road, the undercarriage showed excellent stability even at high speeds. But if there is a small track on the road, the driver needs to be careful, because 17-inch wheels can throw the car to the sides. A bunch of motor and gearbox works flawlessly.


Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

For the CIS market, the South Korean automaker completes the model with two engine modifications.

  1. G4NA. The internal combustion engine was used in the previous generation vehicles. This is a two-liter engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower.
  2. G4KM. Installed instead of the G4KJ modification. Its volume has increased (2,5 liters instead of the 2,4-liter version), only now it has become weaker. The maximum power that the internal combustion engine is capable of developing is 179 horsepower (compared to the previous 188 hp).

In addition to these modifications, the company offers a 1,6-liter GDI turbo engine with 180 horsepower, as well as a 2,5-liter naturally aspirated GDI engine with a power of 198 hp. The model range includes a hybrid power plant based on a two-liter engine (Smartstream). An electric motor is installed in tandem with it. The total power of the hybrid is 192 horsepower. True, these modifications are not yet available in this region.

These are the characteristics of standard engines.

2,0 MPI (G4NA) AT2,5 MPI (G4KM) AT
engine's type4 cylinders, in-line, naturally aspirated, split injection4 cylinders, in-line, naturally aspirated, split injection
Working volume, cubic cm.19992497
Power, h.p. at rpm.150 at 6200180 at 6000
Maximum torque, Nm. at rpm.192 at 4000232 at 4000
Drive unitfrontFront
TransmissionAutomatic transmission, 6 speedsAutomatic transmission, 6 speeds
Maximum speed, km / h.200210
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, sec.10,69,2
Environmental standardEuro-5Euro-5

All motors are linked by a 6-speed automatic transmission. Shifting is smooth without unpleasant delays, and the electronics include adaptive cruise control.


Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

Gradually, all automakers are beginning to abandon the usual driving mode shift levers in models with an automatic transmission. And South Korean Sonata is no exception.

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

The interior in the new car looks very noble. There are practically no switches on the operating panel. All settings are transferred to the multifunction wheel with a comfortable relief for gripping the hands.

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

The console houses a 10,25-inch multimedia touchscreen. The dashboard is also modern in style and lacks the usual gauges. Instead, a 12,3-inch monitor was placed behind the wheel.

Thanks to the fact that all settings can now be performed on the touchscreen and on the steering wheel, the dashboard has become less massive. The cabin has become noticeably more spacious. However, such a performance will be in cars with more expensive equipment.

Fuel consumption

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

Despite its stylish appearance, the novelty was not as sporty on the road. The naturally aspirated engines are a little boring in terms of dynamics. Their consumption is also not very happy.

Consumption, l./100 km.2,0 MPI (G4NA) AT2,5 MPI (G4KM) AT
Mixed mode7,37,7
Gas tank volume6060

As you can see, although the Hyundai Sonata DN8 received some updates in the engine compartment, the performance of the car did not increase from this.

Maintenance cost

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

Most of the components of the eighth generation car have not undergone dramatic changes. Thanks to this, it is easy for Hyundai repair and maintenance shops to repurpose to work with the new Sonata.

The 2019 Sedan needs scheduled maintenance once a year. If the car drives often, then this work must be carried out every 15 thousand km. mileage.

Estimated cost of maintenance:

Type of work:Price, USD
1st TO 15 km.180
2st TO 30 km.205
3st TO 45 km.180
4-eTO 60 km.280

The first four TO differ from each other by the following types of work:

Air filtersssss
Air conditioningPPPP
Brake linePPPP
Brake fluidPsPs
Running systemPPPP
Exhaust systemPPPP
Fuel filter s s
Fuel linePPPP
Engine oil and filterssss
Spark plug s s
Open wiring and electrical systemsPPPP

The first time the coolant is replaced after 210 (or 000 months). Then it needs to be changed every 120 km. (or in two years). This is due to the fact that a liquid of a special composition is poured into the system from the plant, which during this period, if necessary, only needs to be replenished (exclusively with distilled water).

Prices for the 8th generation Hyundai Sonata

Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

In the minimum configuration, the car costs $ 19. In the top-end version, the price tag of the car will have an amount of $ 000.

The company offers the buyer of the new Hyundai Sonata six types of equipment. Classic, Comfort and Style are only available in models with a XNUMX liter engine. For the second modification of the power unit, the Elegance, Business and Prestige kits are provided.

Dual-zone climate control++++++
Windshield anti-fogging++++++
Automatic switching of high / low beam++++++
Rain sensor-+++++
Heated rear seats-+++++
Rear View Camera-+++++
Keyless salon access-+++++
Power driver's seat (10 directions)--+-++
Front passenger seat electrically adjustable (6 directions)----++
Front seat ventilation----++
360 degree view----++
Blind spot monitoring-----+
Interior upholsterythe clothcomboleathercomboleatherleather
Test drive Hyundai Sonata 8th generation

Some kits can be supplemented with advanced options. For example, Style has a Smart Sense TM package. It will include emergency braking, intelligent cruise control, blind spot collision warning and reversing. For this set, you will need to pay an additional $ 1300.

A panoramic roof can be ordered in the Business and Prestige versions. This option will require an additional payment of $ 800.


As the review showed, the Hyundai Sonata of the 8th generation received serious changes in many nodes, but the car did not have enough performance to enter the higher class. The eighth generation model is ideal for middle-aged and older family drivers who enjoy a measured ride.

In the next test drive, we suggest looking at the car in action:

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