Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe


The Bavarian automaker continues to delight its fans by releasing restyled versions of each model. And the Series XNUMX coupe is no exception. Stylish car with a representative appearance and sporty characteristics. This is the key idea that the brand continues to "cultivate" in its cars.

What's new in the base and luxury trim levels? We present a fresh test drive of the new generation of the GXNUMX, which is loved by many motorists.

Car design

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

Visually, the 2020 model has increased by eliminating the two-door body style. A coupe with four frameless doors is more practical than its predecessor. The dimensions of the car have also changed.

Length, mm. 5082
Width, mm. 2137
Height, mm. 1407
Wheelbase, mm 3023
Weight, kg. 1925
Carrying capacity, kg. 635
Track width, mm. Front 1627, back 1671
Trunk volume, l. 440
Clearance, mm. 128

Despite the fact that the car has slightly increased, in the back row, a tall passenger may feel some discomfort. The roof of the “coupe” body slopes gently towards the trunk. Therefore, with a height of 180 cm, a person will rest his head against the ceiling. Of the shortcomings, this is the only one.

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

The manufacturer has retained the sporty appearance of the model. He installed the same narrow laser headlights and flared "nostrils" with sharp edges. The picture is completed by a ribbed sloping hood and expressive air inlet deflectors. Competitors in this class remain Porsche Panamera и Mercedes CLS

How does the car go

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

Similar to updated versions BMW 2020 such as 7 Series and X-6, the 8 Series is equipped with a variety of electronic assistants. Modern technologies make it easier to park cars, warn of cross traffic. They monitor the driver's blind spots and keep the car in the lane.

Unfortunately, driving on poor-quality road surfaces will feel in the cabin. And in the pits it is better not to accelerate. Let the suspension and tune-up, the fast ride be accompanied by hard bumps and worries for the 20-inch tires.

But compared to the previous kupeshka, the four-door holds on to long corners more confidently. Thanks to its excellent grip on curves, the car does not lose speed.


Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

Under the hood in the latest generation, the manufacturer installs three types of motors. These are two petrol and one diesel. All power units are turbocharged. And the top modification (M850i) is a twin turbine. These are the main characteristics of the motors produced from February 2020.

840d (M Sport) 840i (M Sport) M850i ​​(M Sport)
Volume, cc. 2993 2998 4395
Drive unit 4WD 4WD 4WD
engine's type Inline, 6 cylinders, twin turbine In-line, 6 cylinders, turbine V-8, twin turbine
Power, h.p. at rpm. 320/4400 340/5000 530/5500
Torque Nm. at rpm. 680/1750 500/1600 750/1800
Maximum speed, km / h. 250 250 250
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec. 5,1 4,9 3,9

All power units are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission (ZF). During a test drive, it showed a high switching speed. And maximum precision is balanced by smoothness. The base kit also includes an adaptive suspension. It is double-wishbone at the front, and 5-lever adjustable at the rear.

The standard version of the novelty is rear-wheel drive. The rest of the modifications are all-wheel drive. Rear differential lock must be ordered separately.


Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

Inside the car, practically nothing has changed. The console is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen. Dashboard, driving mode switch lever, settings joystick. The manufacturer left these elements unchanged.

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

The safety package contains the entire set of driver assistants. The package also includes a night vision system, adaptive cruise control and many small settings in which you can simply get lost.

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

Fuel consumption

There are no naturally aspirated engines in the second generation lineup. Therefore, the car received decent power with low fuel consumption. For a coupe of this size, figures of up to 10 liters per 100 kilometers are noteworthy.

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

This is the flow rate (l / 100km) shown by three modifications of 2020.

840d (M Sport) 840i (M Sport) M850i ​​(M Sport)
City 7,5 9,5 14,9
Track 5,8 7,2 8,2
Mixed 6,7 8,5 10,7
Tank volume, l. 66 66 68

As you can see from the table, sports equipment increases fuel consumption. But with a quiet driving mode and minimal use of all electrical devices, this figure can be slightly reduced.

Maintenance cost

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

Every 10 km. mileage will require the following work. Change oil with air filter, cabin filter, fuel and oil, perform diagnostics. All other systems just need to be checked.

Estimated cost of repairing a new BMW (c.u.)

Scheduled maintenance 40
Replacing the pads 20
Replacing disc pads 32
3D camber-convergence 45
Computer diagnostics 20
Suspension diagnostics 10
Oil change in automatic transmission 75
Engine overhaul 320

At 40 km. mileage will additionally require replacement of spark plugs. And after 000 thousand you will need to change the oil in the box. If you operate the car, it will not require large expenditures on repair and maintenance.

Prices for 8 Series Gran Coupe

Test Drive 8 BMW 2020 Series Gran Coupe

The cheapest model of the second generation of the G95 is $ 900. It will be a 3,0-liter gasoline engine with an automatic transmission. All modifications are equipped with the same set of comfort and safety systems.

Basic kit Additional option
Leather interior + -
Climate control 2 zones 4 zones
Seat heating Front + rear
A roof with a panoramic view - +
Sports seats + -
Adaptive headlights + -
Rear View Camera + -
Cruise control + -
Adaptive cruise control - +
Night vision - +

For a panoramic roof, the buyer will need to pay about $ 2200. And the night vision system will tighten more than 2500 USD.


As you can see, the manufacturer has tried to make the next generation BMW 8 Series more comfortable and practical. Adding a couple more doors is the right decision in favor of practicality. And the extended basic equipment blurs the line between the owners of the cheap and expensive versions. Although the company, nevertheless, left the driver with the opportunity to emphasize their wealth - when ordering additional options.

More about the practicality of the car in this video:

BMW XNUMX Series Gran Coupe - test drive with Nikita Gudkov


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