Test drive Suzuki Vitara: back in shape


We briefly present our impressions of the updated Suzuki Vitara

Partial restyling Vitara became a fact around the middle of the car's model life. On the outside, the compact SUV has a modernized and fresh look, but the real progress is evident when you get into the car.

Objectively speaking, the stylistic and ergonomic concept has remained unchanged, but the quality and type of materials used is a huge leap over the previously known version. Rough plastic with a characteristic odor is a thing of the past.

Test drive Suzuki Vitara: back in shape

Other serious innovations were not particularly required here - functionality and ergonomics are worthy of serious attention, and the equipment is at a very good level for its class.

Energetic petrol turbo engine

The engine of the test car was a 1,4-liter gasoline engine with direct injection of fuel into the cylinders, the power of which was 140 hp. It is an order of magnitude higher than the new offering with three cylinders, turbocharging and 112 hp.

As you probably guessed, a much more important advantage of the new creation of Japanese engineers is its torque - the maximum value of 220 Newton meters is available already at 1500 rpm and remains unchanged in a surprisingly wide range (up to 4000 rpm min).

Test drive Suzuki Vitara: back in shape

It is an indisputable fact that the aluminum engine has good responsiveness and excellent intermediate thrust when accelerating. Thanks to the good 99 percent efficiency of the internal combustion engine, the driver can safely use the 2500-3000 rpm range.

Otherwise, gear shifting is precise and pleasant, and the six-speed manual transmission is tuned to match engine parameters.

More sophistication

Progress has also been made in terms of acoustic comfort and ride comfort - overall the Vitara is much more refined than before. In addition, especially in the four-wheel drive versions, it remains one of the representatives of the category with really good road behavior.

Test drive Suzuki Vitara: back in shape

The front-wheel drive model tested, as expected, has all the functional benefits of the SUV's bodywork, but this is not the case for road behavior, which, especially in harsh winter conditions, cannot match that of its 4x4 counterparts.

However, it looks like sales of this type of car with only one drive axle are continuing to grow, so it's not hard to see why most manufacturers have similar versions in their lineup. Otherwise, which is typical for the brand, Vitara, as always, refers to the cost-effective offers in its segment.



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