Introducing the exterior of the Skoda Enyaq iV crossover

The car follows the style defined by the brand's latest models such as the Octavia and others. Designers continue to gradually declassify the electric SUV Skoda Enyaq iV, which is slated to world premiere on September 1st. In the latest series of teasers, sketches of the interior were shown, and now, albeit in the drawings, the exterior is revealed. The car follows the styling of the brand's latest models, such as the fourth Octavia, the Kamiq crossover or the Scala compact hatchback. But at the same time, the SUV has completely different proportions.

The Founder's Edition plaques on the side mirrors reflect the first limited edition of 1895 pieces. The design of this version must be different from the normal Enyaq and the equipment must include special features.

We have already seen a car in camouflage, and now we can compare and understand what was hidden behind the stickers and film. And at the same time compare the design with a close relative - ID.4.

The authors of the model say that it is slightly higher than similar crossovers due to the battery under the floor. It has a slightly shorter bonnet and a longer roof than a combustion-powered SUV. But the balance of proportions is restored by a large (for a car of this size) wheelbase of 2765 mm with a length of 4648.

The designers did not remove the decorative grille from the electric car, as some creators of electric vehicles do, but on the contrary, they visually distinguish it, even slightly push it forward and make it more vertical. It immediately recognizes the Skoda radiator grill. Combined with full LED matrix headlights, large wheels, sloping roof and sculpted side walls, it creates a dynamic look. Fully compatible with the drive. It has already been said: Enyaq will have rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, five power versions and three battery versions. The top version with rear wheel drive (Enyaq iV 80) has 204 hp. and travels 500 km on a single charge, and the top modification with a dual transmission (Enyaq iV vRS) - 306 hp. and 460 km.

Skoda's head of exterior design Karl Neuhold smiles, promising crossover buyers "plenty of space and lots of surprises."

The first Skoda model on Volkswagen's modular platform - MEB, the company says, opens a new era for it. And so she needs to take a step forward in design. Karl Neuhold compares this electric SUV to a space shuttle, promising a combination of versatility and smart features. For fans of numbers, technical data is more interesting, but not all are disclosed. But the designers boast of a drag coefficient of 0,27, which they call "impressive for a crossover of this size." This, of course, is not a record for an SUV, but simply a very good value for money.

Skoda announced yesterday that the Enyaq iV will receive not only LED, but also matrix lights - with a new hexagonal shape of the main modules, thin "eyelashes" navigation lights and additional crystal elements. If it were IQ.Light LED Matrix optics like the Golf and Tuareg, the Czechs would boast of the number of diodes in each headlight (from 22 to 128), but they don't. It is not known if the dies will fit into standard Enyaq hardware.

The design of the lights and 3D lights of the latest Skoda does not overlap, but the V-shaped stern motif is supported by stamping in the tailgate. Chief lighting stylist Petar Nevrzela, of course, said that he was inspired by the tradition of Bohemian glass.

According to Skoda, the matrix headlights "highlight the innovative character of the new model." Innovative electric cars are already getting retractable door handles, but the Czechs put the most ordinary ones on Enyaq iV, and the artist “forgot” to paint them.

Yesterday, Volkswagen revealed in teaser form a matrix headlight from the ID.4 SUV, Enyaq's twin brother. There is no description, but the IQ.Light marking speaks for itself.

The "new era" that the Czechs are talking about about the brand may not be in electromobility. Earlier this month, Skoda was taken over by Thomas Schaefer, which, according to internal sources, will bring the brand back to the budget segment. If so, Skoda should not be proud of the premium options, but should answer the frequently asked questions (charging, refurbishing, safety) that Volkswagen is currently producing in the US ahead of the ID.4's launch.



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