Opel Vivaro 2014

Description Opel Vivaro 2014

Opel Vivaro 2014 is a van with front or rear drive. The power unit has a longitudinal arrangement. The body has four doors and three seats. A description of the dimensions, technical characteristics and equipment of the car will help you get a more complete picture of it.



The dimensions of the Opel Vivaro 2014 model are shown in the table.

Length4998 mm
Width2283 mm
Height1956 mm
The weight2920 kg
Clearance180 mm
Base: 3098 mm


full speed180 km / h
Number of revolutions340 Nm
Power, hpUp to 145 hp
Average fuel consumption per 100 kmFrom 5,8 to 7,6 l / 100 km.

Power units on the Opel Vivaro 2014 model are of several types. Diesel engines are installed. There is only one type of transmission - a six-speed manual. The car is equipped with an independent multi-link suspension. All wheels are equipped with disc brakes. The steering wheel is equipped with an electric booster.



The van is square in shape. A distinctive feature was the hood with a massive false grille, otherwise the model does not differ in any way from other vans. In the cabin, you can distinguish good build quality. Finishing materials are at a decent level. Equipment includes electronic assistants in the dashboard and security systems. The car perfectly copes with the task of cargo transportation.

Фотопоборка Opel Vivaro 2014

The photo below shows the new 2014-XNUMX Opel Vivaro model, which has changed not only externally but also internally.

Opel Vivaro 2014

Opel Vivaro 2014

Opel Vivaro 2014

Opel Vivaro 2014



Video review of the Opel Vivaro 2014

In the video review, we offer to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the model 2014-XNUMX Opel Vivaro and external changes.

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