Updated BMW 5-Series received "factory tuning"

A wide range of M Performance accessories for the sedan and station wagon are already available.

Company BMW significantly expanded the equipment and options of the updated 5-series sedan and station wagon. They will receive a large number of new developments from the BMW M division. - both for the exterior and for the interior.

Updated BMW 5-Series received "factory tuning"

The standard BMW 5-Series will be able to be equipped with carbon aerodynamic elements - a front splitter, bumper parts, side skirts, diffuser and spoiler. The list of options also includes a carbon fiber grille.as well as the tank lid, which will be available in the three-color graphics familiar from the brand's M-models.

Interior additions include a new steering wheel with carbon levers for gear shifting, stainless steel pedals, original insoles and much more.

Updated BMW 5-Series received "factory tuning"

Not forgotten and sports versions - M5 and brutal M5 Competition.which offer an alternative braking system, 20-inch wheels with a matte finish, a branded cover and two exclusive parts - a hood and a joystick for gear shifting, which are made of carbon.

BMW claims that every element included in the new equipment package is not only aesthetic but functional as well. M Performance accessories will be available as soon as the refreshed 5 Series hits the market.



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