The new Mercedes ME app is already on sale

The company has created a mobile application and services Mercedes me App in 2014 and launched them in 2015. Since then, they have evolved and evolved into the next generation, which Mercedes-Benz announced on August 4th. The apps not only offer more features, a clearer and more user-friendly interface, but are also integrated into a digital ecosystem that allows the manufacturer and partner companies to quickly and flexibly develop new services on this common basis. The participation of the latter became possible due to the fact that Mercedes-Benz was the first in the world in 2019 to open access to its software for everyone - the Mercedes-Benz Mobile SDK.

All Mercedes me apps are now tightly linked and you only need one Mercedes me ID login to quickly switch between them. (Here, by the way, there will be an intersection with the digital world inside the car itself - the new MBX interface).

The new apps have been developed in collaboration with the Daimler user community, mainly in the US and China. A pilot launch took place earlier this year in France, Spain and the UK, with early June in Ireland and Hungary, and the apps are now available in the App Store and Google Play Store in 35 markets. By the end of the year there will be more than 40 of them.

There are three main applications: Mercedes me App, Mercedes me Store App, Mercedes me Service App. The first, for example, allows you to turn on the light from a smartphone, open or close locks, windows, panoramic roofs or even a soft roof, control an autonomous heater, etc. The Mercedes me store provides access to digital products of the brand, in particular to Mercedes connect me services. which can be quickly added via smartphone.

Open / close windows (all individually), plan a route on a smartphone and transfer it to car navigation, see the pressure in each tire - all this is the Mercedes me app.

The functions and appearance of each application are tailored to the needs of the client. Shorter software update cycle promised.

Finally, the Mercedes me Service app allows you to order support from a selected dealer, see on your smartphone which warning lamps are active in the car, listen to the car's recommendations (for example, to check the tire pressure). It also contains videos with useful information on car operation and practical advice. The Germans describe the new generation of the Mercedes me app as a key element of the Best Customer Experience 4.0 initiative, in which Mercedes-Benz strives to improve the quality of vehicle ownership in all aspects, from the purchase process to the service.



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