What did the heroes of the movie "Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw" ride


Adrenaline-addicted fans of the Fast and the Furious movie were looking forward to the next sequel. $ 200 million was spent on the creation of the film. This small investment generated a profit of $ 760,099 million.

The last part has not lost its relevance, not only thanks to the cast, already so beloved by the viewer. The cameras of the film crew were most focused, of course, on the pumped up cars. Like the previous parts, the last picture is full of unusual and insanely powerful cars. What did the forsage heroes ride?

McLaren 720S

What did the heroes of the movie "Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw" ride

Speed ​​is a key factor in all vehicles that are matched to each section of the belt. The latter included McLaren's high-speed model - 720 S. The car accelerates to a hundred in 2,9 seconds. And the car easily takes a two-hundred-kilometer line in 7,8 seconds. It's no wonder why the stage persona of Jason Statham liked this car.

The model is ideal for performing dangerous maneuvers. Auto slows down from 100 kilometers to zero in 2,8 seconds. True, the directors did not allow an energetic actor to perform scenes with tricks. The reason was the requirement of sponsors to keep the car in good condition. And Jason has more than a dozen broken vehicles on his account.


Well, what about Forsage without pumped trucks! And in this part there are even more of them. After all, the main plot revolves around a special agent with hefty strength. And sleek sports cars are not practical for its size.

What did the heroes of the movie "Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw" ride

In the frames of the film lit up Ford Bronko 1981 release. In the stock version, this car was equipped with a 5,8-liter engine with a capacity of 210 horsepower.

The highlight of the dynamic chases was the Peterbilt forced truck. The exclusive exhibit received an extended wheelbase with a sports suspension. True, in order to drift, most likely, the tractor had to accelerate a lot.

What did the heroes of the movie "Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw" ride

The engineers assisting the shooting were also not too lazy to "pump" the pickup Dodge M 37. As a result, the car is incredibly fast and agile.

Another truck featured in the chase scenes was the American. Chevrolet The 1967 C-series was not painted in the glamorous afterburner style. But under the hood, the wheelbarrow had an engine with a volume of 5,7 liters. The 410-horsepower powertrain is ideal for shooting action scenes.



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