Washing a car in winter - is it worth it and how to do it?


Without a doubt, washing your car in winter is not the first thing to think about. What to do if the car is very dirty? In the end, going on a trip, he can not only become dirty, but also covered with harmful salt. Find out how to start washing your car in winter and find out all the contraindications. Before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind so you don't accidentally damage your machine. 

Is it worth washing your car in winter - that is the question!

In winter, the car gets dirty regularly. First of all, salt is dangerous, which settles on the elements of the car and can quickly lead to its corrosion. So, you are definitely wondering whether to wash your car in winter. The answer to this question is: most likely yes, but ... not always. First of all, you need to choose the right day when the temperature will not be negative. Otherwise, water can freeze in the crevices, causing scratches and other damage that is simply dangerous to the condition of the car. If possible, put the car after washing in the garage, where it will dry without any problems.

Washing your car in winter - why should you do it? 

Washing your car in winter is an activity worth repeating, especially if you drive it regularly. Why? This is important for several reasons:

  • layers of dirt are harder to clean;
  • during snow removal, a dirty car is easier to scratch;
  • Salt deposits can lead to wear and corrosion of the vehicle.

All of this means that car care products should be important for every driver who loves his car and just wants it to stay running for as long as possible. Washing your car in winter may not be the most comfortable experience, but it’s definitely worth finding the time for this!

Washing a car in the cold - which solution to choose?

If you are going on a trip, washing your car in the cold may be a necessity. But which solution to choose in winter? You can wash your vehicle on your own, but don't forget to do it in the evening and don't leave your car outside, especially if it's going to be freezing overnight. 

A proven and safe automatic car wash can be a good solution. You will spend a minimum of time in it, and besides, the car will be dried quite well after the whole procedure. This will work if you have a relatively clean car and just want to take care of it. The best solution is a hand wash, where a car wash in winter may also involve, for example, a thorough waxing. 

How to wash a car in winter? Pay attention to this

When washing your car in winter, it is important to use warm, but not hot, water. This will dissolve the dirt without damaging the vehicle. A high pressure washer may also come in handy. It is especially important not to touch the car directly during the wash, as this method will be more effective and safer for your car. How to wash a car in winter is no different from cleaning it at any other time of the year. Similarly, you need to start with the car body, which will benefit from a quality shampoo. In winter, however, it is also worth taking care of additional protection for the car. 

Car wash in winter - car drying

Winter car wash will also require you to thoroughly wipe. The car must not be allowed to remain wet. For this reason, purchase a soft, clean towel, preferably made for cars. Therefore, washing a car in winter may require additional costs. Buying a towel like this costs between 20 and over 10 euros, but choose one that is both soft and absorbent.

Washing a car in winter - what is worth protecting?

Even if you take every precaution, you may find that washing your car in the winter will cause the door to freeze. That is why it is recommended to fix the guns, for example, with tape. Thus, you will definitely get into the car the next day. By following all these tips, you will certainly make your work easier and make your car well-groomed, regardless of the time of year!

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