Test drive MINI Countryman Cooper SE: positive charge


Driving the first plug-in hybrid in the history of an iconic British brand

MINI Long gone from being a symbol of small size and minimalism, it still relies on individual character, front-wheel drive and a transverse engine.

The company's first plug-in hybrid is powered by a combination of a three-cylinder petrol turbo engine located in front of the front axle and a 65 kW electric motor mounted on the rear axle.

Test drive MINI Countryman Cooper SE: positive charge

The latter surprisingly turns the MINI Countryman into a rear-wheel-drive car - albeit only in those cases when the drive is only electric. The total system power is 224 hp. - sounds like a promise of something much more than an environmental movement.

Technology borrowed from extremely successful BMW The 225xe Active Tourer, with which the Countryman shares a common platform, and a 7,6 kilowatt-hour battery are located under the boot floor, reducing its capacity by 115 liters. Thanks to the two engines, the Cooper SE has a new type of dual transmission, which continues to work even with a discharged battery (in such conditions, the necessary electricity is generated by the belt starter-generator).

Test drive MINI Countryman Cooper SE: positive charge

The silent electric motor, the buzzing three-cylinder internal combustion engine and the six-speed automatic transmission work together wonderfully harmoniously. In automatic mode, the electronics do an excellent job of controlling different types of drives.

Fast or cost effective? Your choice!

Thanks to its 165 Nm electric motor, the Cooper SE quickly accelerates to 50 km / h and can reach speeds of up to 125 km / h on electricity alone. The current mileage in real conditions is relatively close to the official data and is 41 kilometers. With 224 horsepower, the model accelerates from zero to 231 kilometers almost as fast as the sporty JCW (XNUMX hp), and the overall acceleration feel is impressively energetic.

The hybrid model is not only more powerful than the standard Cooper, but also much heavier. 1767 kg is an impressive figure that naturally translates into the driving feel typical of every MINI go-kart. Unsurprisingly, average gas mileage is not record low either.

Test drive MINI Countryman Cooper SE: positive charge

That doesn't change the fact that MINI has once again managed to create a car that wins the hearts of the public with charm, flamboyant personality and cute stunts that you won't find anywhere else. For people whose needs are close to the specifics of the plu-in hybrid, this is a great alternative.


Plenty of space in the carHeavy weight
Pleasant suspension comfortHandling is not as agile as in other versions of the model
Precise controlLess trunk space due to battery
Impressive accelerationHigh price
Individual design
Satisfactory current mileage

The first plug-in hybrid is a car with extraordinary harmonious drive and specific charm. However, the heavy weight of the vehicle significantly reduces the brand's typical driving pleasure and negatively affects its solid fuel economy potential.



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