McLaren will present a unique hybrid sports car

McLaren is planning to launch a series of a new car for a wide range of motorists, which will receive a hybrid installation. According to the press service, the sports car will occupy the third position among the models that combine power and performance to the same extent.

McLaren will present a unique hybrid sports car

The model will be unveiled to the public later this summer. But before the appearance of the hybrid car at the motor show, its technical characteristics are carefully hidden. It is only known that the key power unit of the car will be a twin-turbo V-shaped six. What electric motors it will be supplemented with, and how powerful this installation will be - we will find out in the summer.

What's expected?

The company's engineers have experience in the use of auxiliary hybrid systems for sports cars. For example, these are the P-1, P-1 GTR and SpeedTail models. According to Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren, the company's goal is to create an economical yet exciting vehicle. In terms of instant torque and efficient filling of power gaps, this idea (a hybrid motor) is the best option known to people.

McLaren will present a unique hybrid sports car

The minimum that motorists expect from a new sports car is that it travels through the WLTP cycle at least 32 kilometers without recharging. The older brother of this car is capable of covering a distance of 30,5 kilometers on a single charge. The battery used in the R-1 has a capacity of 4,7 kWh.

One of the disadvantages of any hybrid car, compared to its analogue on a standard motor, is the increased weight. However, as Flewitt assured, the company's engineers managed to compensate for a significant part of the weight thanks to special technologies. They will also be announced at the upcoming presentation.

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