The best classic motorcycles, i.e. two-wheeled with soul


Retro style is still in fashion. And while the world of horsepower can see daring electrification of units, for example, classic-style motorcycles are invariably the object of sighs. They are admired by collectors, but also appeal to those who want to drive to work or on daily chimney rides with such a riding badge. Classic motorcycles can be found in the offer of many manufacturers, and some of them are still on the market.

What are classic motors?

The term that can be used to describe such bikes is “young man”. It is both old and young at the same time, because it is still running, but already retro. We are talking about a motorcycle that, with its appearance, personifies the old era of motorcycles, especially the 90s of the last century. You can still browse offers and search for aftermarket models that are over 20 years old. However, nothing prevents you from getting a completely new example of a classic motorcycle, the design of which will be confusingly similar to older brothers and sisters.

Classic models, but not classic bikes?

Classic motorcycles is a broad concept that is often perceived in different ways by some. Interestingly, in the history of motorcycling, there have been two-wheeled vehicles with almost outstanding qualities that some find it difficult to classify as a classic. This is the case, for example, with the Honda CB750 Four.

Classic Japanese motorcycles - some interesting models

There are classics in almost every category of motorcycles. We are talking about road bikes, touring bikes, enduro bikes, cruisers or naked bikes. Therefore, in this text we will not be limited to one segment where you can find the classics. We'll cover many different levels, as well as take a look at the classics for beginners. do you continue?

Classic motorcycles - types and popular motorcycle models from Japan

We will now describe four popular classics from well-known Japanese brands, which, of course, include:

  • Honda;
  • Suzuki;
  • Yamaha;
  • Kawasaki.

Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade

Produced until 1994, the road and track motorcycle was a reversal of a trend that continued into the last decade of the XNUMXth century. It was then that motorcycles began to use many innovations and modern technologies. The presented CBR retained slightly more strict forms and the good old design. The result of the work of engineers was, perhaps, not the most powerful, but extremely light machine. No wonder we start the list of classic motorcycles with this model.

Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa

While production of this ground-breaking bike seemed to end in 2007 for good, fans of this bike can breathe a sigh of relief – the 2021 version is here! Sokul, released in the 90s, turned out to be Suzuki's flagship model. It is worth emphasizing that this classic motorcycle has officially broken the 300 km/h limit for both factory and serial two-wheelers. If you would like to feel this power, we wish you the best of luck in your quest.

Yamaha TR-1

Produced in the 80s, the naked is a typical example of a classic motorcycle. In our country, it is little known, which further increases its value and strengthens its cult status. Some consider him almost untouchable. Many do not even think about the slightest change in its aesthetics and want to keep the factory design.

Kawasaki W800

This model appears in almost every such list, despite the fact that it is the youngest of the presented motorcycles and comes from the second decade of the 50th century. For the enthusiast, lines reminiscent of the XNUMXs will be visible at a glance. They give a fantastic shape to the whole car. Thus, a beautiful classic motorcycle was created, which at the same time meets modern environmental requirements.

Classic motorcycle for a beginner - what to choose?

A dozen years ago, there would have been no problems with the choice - WSK or MZ provided everything necessary for a young rider. However, there are plenty of great classic bikes on the market now, and the rebuilt machines mentioned in the first sentence are good for classic rallies.

What to look for when choosing a motorcycle to start with?

Which classic motorcycle is suitable for an amateur? If you are a complete beginner and have no experience in driving a two-wheeler, do not try to buy strong and big machines. It will be better if you practice driving techniques and get a little comfortable. The following models will help improve your driving.

Triumph Bonneville T100

As long as you have an A-class driving license and a little more money in your wallet, you can confidently drive this classic British car. Why is this replica a very good offer for new enthusiasts of classic driving? The low-revving engine provides instant access to newton meters, the suspension is softly tuned, and it's all not about speed.

Benelli Imperiale 400

This is a modern classic at its best. The Italians have put a lot of effort into creating this pearl, which can be seen at every turn. If you look closely at the details, you can see the spirit of the automotive industry of the last century. This type of classic motorcycle is the perfect offer for beginners. Small engine, 20 hp and maintaining mid-range speeds is the best thing about solo tours.

Romet Classic 400

Power less than 26 hp and a top speed of nearly 150 km/h is an excellent base for learning the driving techniques of this classic. Classic bikes for beginners, like the Romet described, feel very good in the city, but they will also prove themselves outside of it. You can learn from them, but nothing prevents you from staying with them for years.

The smallest 125 classic bikes for beginners.

If the cars listed above are too many for you, you will also find great deals on classics in the 125 category.

Romet SCBM 125

The manufacturer managed to camouflage the small engine well with a pleasant-sounding exhaust. As a result, you can make a mistake in the capacity. Romet is stylized as a scrambler and behaves like this, and its 9,2 hp. does not rush forward frantically. In the city and at the very beginning for a complete amateur is enough.

FM Mondial HPS 125

A complete novelty-art, and at the same time sustained in a very accessible design. What else distinguishes this model from other classic motorcycles? The price is not too high, because here you should have about PLN 13 13,6 at your disposal. The injection unit provides XNUMX hp of power, which is more than satisfactory for this class. Looking for a new classic to start? This is a very good option.

Classic motorcycles are a river theme. However, we sincerely hope that the list of different models above will bring you closer to this beautiful two-wheeler segment. Luck with searching!

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