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The first generation Lada Xray, which appeared in 2016, received a hatchback body with the design of SUV-type models. The car received its original appearance thanks to the joint work of specialists from the Ranault-Nissan alliance, as well as AVTOVAZ. This model represents a new segment among all models of the domestic manufacturer. Structurally, this car is similar to Vesta, so it received some elements from that model.



The dimensions of a nice hatchback are:

Height:1570 mm.
Width:1764 mm.
Length:4165 mm.
Wheelbase:2592 mm.
Clearance:195 mm.
Trunk volume:361 / 1207 l.
Weight:1190 kg.


The model received many technical components from a foreign partner of AVTOVAZ, thanks to which the car turned out to be more reliable in comparison with many domestic models.

In the engine compartment, the same VAZ engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters remain, only they are combined either with a 5-speed mechanics or with a similar robot with two clutches. The steering column is equipped with power steering, and the braking system has ABS + ESP. All electronics for the model are developed by specialists of the foreign alliance, and AVTOVAZ is engaged in the adaptation of engines, transmissions and other mechanisms.

Motor power:106, 110, 122 HP
Torque:148, 150, 170 Nm.
Burst rate:176-186 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h:11.4-10.3 seconds
Transmission:MKPP 5
Average fuel consumption per 100 km:6.8-7.2 l.


The buyer of a stylish hatchback is offered several options packages. Depending on the configuration, the car receives an air conditioner or a climate system with cooling of the glove compartment, additional storage boxes (a niche in the boot floor and under the front passenger seat), cup holders, modern audio preparation, etc.

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Photo selection Download Lray 2016

In the photo below, you can see the new model Download Lray 2016, which has changed not only externally but also internally.

Download Lray 2016

Download Lray 2016

Download Lray 2016

Download Lray 2016

Picking the car Lada Lada Xray 2016

 Price $ 12.414 - $ 15.593

VAZ Lada Xray 1.8i AT GAB32-BL6-51$ 15.593Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.8i AT GAB32-BDZ-50$ 14.230Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.8i MT GAB33-BL6-51$ 15.290Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.8i MT GAB33-BDZ-50 Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.8i MT GAB33-BSA-50 Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.6i MT GAB11-BDA-51$ 14.230Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.6i MT GAB11-BDP-50$ 13.322Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.6i MT GAB11-BDA-50$ 12.414Features
VAZ Lada Xray 1.6i MT GAB11-BS1-50 Features


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Video review Download Lray 2016

In the video review, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the model and external changes.

Lada X-ray 2016 1.8 (122 h.p.) AMT Top + Prestige package - video review

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