Aston Martin has created a hybrid interior mirror

New from Aston Martin, a salon hybrid mirror, will be presented the other day. This will happen at the CES 2020 event, which will host Las Vegas.

The new product is called Camera Monitoring System. It is a collaboration between the British company Aston Martin and the Gentex Corporation brand, which produces automotive components.

The element is based on the Full Display Mirror. An LCD display is integrated inside it. The screen displays video from three cameras at once. One of them is located on the roof of the car, the other two are built into the side mirrors.

The owner can customize the picture as he pleases. First, the position of the mirrors can be adjusted. Secondly, the image itself can be combined in different ways, swapped, reduced or increased in size. The viewing angle changes automatically, adapting to the needs of the person behind the wheel.

The creators set themselves a goal: to develop a mirror, when looking at which the driver will receive much more information than when working with an ordinary element. This increases the level of comfort and safety, since a person does not need to shake his head in order to assess the situation on the road. Aston Martin has created a hybrid interior mirror FDM functions not only thanks to automation. The part can function as an ordinary mirror. If the equipment fails, the driver will not be “blinded”.

The debut model, equipped with a new mirror, is the DBS Superleggera. Drivers will be able to appreciate it at CES 2020.



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