What are the advantages of refueling a car with gas


Frequent economic crises and inflation are forcing motorists to think about the possibility of using alternative fuels. Electric and hybrid cars are too expensive for the middle class. Therefore, the ideal option is to convert the car to gas.

Before you start looking for a workshop, you need to decide what equipment to install. There are several types of gases. And is it worth switching to HBO at all?

Which gas to choose

What are the advantages of refueling a car with gas

Propane or methane is used as an alternative to gasoline. These substances have different densities and structures and therefore require different settings for their use. What is the difference between methane and propane?


What are the advantages of refueling a car with gas

Propane is an organic volatile substance that is formed as a result of refining petroleum products. To be used as fuel, the gas is mixed with ethane and butane. It is explosive when the concentration in air exceeds 2 percent.

Propane contains a lot of impurities, so it needs high-quality filtration for use in engines. Liquefied propane is used at gas stations. The maximum allowable pressure in the vehicle cylinder is 15 atmospheres.


What are the advantages of refueling a car with gas

Methane is of natural origin and does not have a characteristic odor. A small amount of substances are added to its composition so that a leak can be recognized. Unlike propane, methane has a high compression ratio (up to 250 atmospheres). Also, this gas is less explosive. It ignites at 4% concentration in air.

Since methane is cleaner than propane, it does not need a complex filtration system. However, due to the high compression ratio, it requires the use of particularly durable cylinders. Since it contains a minimal amount of impurities, a unit running on this fuel results in less engine wear.

The following video provides detailed information on which NGV fuel is best to use.

Switching to LPG Propane or Methane. Experience of use.

The main advantages of HBO

There is a heated debate among motorists about the use of gas equipment. Some people think that refueling with gas does not harm the engine in any way. Others are convinced otherwise. What are the advantages of using HBO?

  1. Environmental friendliness. Since methane and propane contain fewer impurities, emissions are more environmentally friendly.
  2. Price. Compared to gasoline and diesel, the cost of refueling with gas is less.
  3. Burning quality. Volatiles used in car refueling have a high octane number. Therefore, a small spark is sufficient to ignite them. They mix faster with air. Therefore, the portion is completely consumed.
  4. Minimum risk of engine knocking when the ignition is switched off.
  5. There is no need to buy a car adapted for gas. It is enough to find a service station whose employees know how to properly install equipment.
  6. The transition from petrol to gas is not difficult. If the driver has not calculated the reserve of economical fuel, he can use the reserve from the gas tank.
What are the advantages of refueling a car with gas

Comparison of methane and propane plants:

Propane Methane
Economy compared to gasoline 2 times 3 times
LPG installation price Low High
Average fuel consumption per 100 km. (the exact figure depends on the engine size) 11 liters 8 cubes
The volume of the tank is enough (depends on the modification) From 600 km. Until 350
Sustainability High Absolute
Decrease in engine power (compared to gasoline equivalent) Up to 5 percent Up to 30 percent
Octane number 100 110

Refueling with propane today is not difficult. The availability of gas stations is the same as gasoline stations. In the case of methane, the picture is different. In big cities, there are one or two gas stations. Small towns may not have such stations at all.

Disadvantages of HBO

What are the advantages of refueling a car with gas

Despite the many advantages of gas powered equipment, gasoline is still the key fuel for cars. Here are some reasons for this.

  1. Gas will do less damage to the engine if the car is factory adapted for this type of fuel. Converted motors need valve adjustment a little more often than when using gasoline.
  2. To use gas as fuel, additional equipment must be installed. In the case of propane LPG, this amount is small. But a methane plant is expensive, since it does not use liquefied gas, but a substance under high pressure.
  3. When switching from petrol to gas, the power of some engines is noticeably reduced.
  4. Engineers do not recommend warming up the engine on gas. This process should be as smooth as possible. Especially in winter. Since the octane number of gas is higher than that of gasoline, the cylinder walls heat up sharply.
  5. The efficiency of LPG equipment also depends on the fuel temperature. The higher it is, the easier it is for the mixture to ignite. Therefore, the engine still needs to be warmed up with gasoline. Otherwise, the fuel will literally fly out into the pipe.

Is it worth putting gas equipment on a car

Of course, every motorist decides for himself how his car will be refueled. As you can see, HBO has its own advantages, but the equipment requires additional maintenance. The motorist must calculate how quickly the investment will pay off in his case.

The following video dispels the main myths about installing LPG and will help determine whether it is worth switching to it or not:

Gas for the car, is it worth it? Main pros and cons. Just about complicated


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