Intrigue from Nissan

Early January 2020 Nissan announced the release of a new "Indian" crossover. The company has not shared any official information about the future production car. Not even the name of the car was provided. Only an image with a silhouette of a car is published.

Intrigue from Nissan

It is planned that over the next four months, the small brand new crossover will go on sale. The basis of the novelty is the modular platform CMF-A union Renault-Nissan. Individual parts were borrowed from the latest Nissan Juke series.


In length, the car will reach a mark of no more than four meters. Based on official images, the new car is shaped like a coupe with a smooth roofline. There will be a small spoiler at the back.

Intrigue from Nissan

The manufacturer focused on enlarged wheel arches and original LED rear optics, reminiscent of honeycombs. Photos of the salon are not yet available. According to preliminary information, the manufacturer will equip the car with a 3-cylinder engine with a volume of one liter and a capacity of approximately 100 hp. The transmission is a five-speed manual transmission or variator. There is no diesel option.

The information was published by the publication IndiaCarNews... It is reported that the new crossover will be named Magnite. Vehicle registration documents Datsun Magnite were filed in 2019.



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