Three demo cars are being prepared for the Salon Privé

Subdivision Bentley Mulliner Classic will show the first Bentley Blower. The Bentley Mulliner will be attending Blenheim Castle, UK, from 22nd to 26th September to showcase three show cars with their own designs at Salon Privé 2020.

Bentley Motors' Customization and Specialty Models division is in fact preparing a new model from the Mulliner collection, a replica of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar that will make its public debut and a refurbished one of the most important Bentley models in the brand's history.

Bentley Mulliner Classic, which unveiled a completely refurbished 2019 Bentley Corniche at the Salon Privé in 1939, will present the first Bentley Blower from a British brand 90 years ago. The car is one of twelve replicas of the turbocharged 4,5-liter Team Blower engine that the Mulliner Classic will assemble to revive the historic model: four units of the 4,5-liter Team Blower were actually manufactured in 1929 by Tim's pilot team. Birkin, and this model marked the history of the British manufacturer, who participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, an exclusive two-door coupe offered by Crew in just twelve units, will also be present at the Salon Privé, where it debuts alongside the unparalleled Continental GT Mulliner Cabriolet replica, also presented by Bentley Mulliner Collections.

The Bentley Heritage Collection complements the beautiful 8,0s 1930-liter Bentley with a body designed by HJ Mulliner, personally owned by WO Bentley and a 1952 Continental Type R, which many still consider to be some of the finest cars of all time. Fans of Crewe's works should appreciate them with dignity.



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