Effective protection of the car from theft, or what?


When there were simple cars on the streets, not yet stuffed with electronics, it was not difficult to open someone else's vehicle. History knows cases of attempts to start various vehicles with one key, or at least successfully open their doors. The key to the Opel Astra could open the Vectra, and the surprised driver of the Audi 80 B3 wondered why his car suddenly had a different mileage than before he drove into the store. Now it is no longer possible to open several cars with one key, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to protect the car from theft.

Additional car protection - why is it needed?

The presence of electronic control systems in cars makes it possible to get to them in various ways and without keys. Keyless systems in the form of cards, for example, have been used in new vehicles for many years. Remotely sending a signal that will allow you to open the door and start the engine should increase the caution when storing keys, even at home.

Which car guard to choose? 

Car anti-theft protection can work in different ways. It's all about blocking.

● mechanical;

● electronic;

● by GPS signal;

● imitation of real protection elements.

It is also necessary to take into account the human factor, i.e. the foresight of the owner. Which of the following locks can be used in your car and when will they come in handy?

Mechanical protection of the car from theft

Many cars rely on electronic systems to work. Automotive anti-theft systems that use mechanical methods may not be economically viable for a thief to get around.. Why? It's not just that they're too complex to break. Sometimes the thief just doesn't have enough time to defeat them. He often has to use some kind of equipment, such as a screwdriver with a drill or a file. All this takes a lot of time, which the thief simply does not have.

Such mechanical and unusual car protection against theft include:

● keyless transmission lock;

● steering wheel lock.

Is it still worth using the classic methods?

Such mechanical obstacles for a thief can also be ... an obstacle for the driver himself. He must remember to put them on or activate them every time he gets out of the car. Thus, car theft protection is effective, but can be frustrating for the frequent driver. Therefore, you can use other methods.

Electronic anti-theft protection

The main system that functions as an electronic ignition cutoff is the immobilizer. Currently, it is found in almost every car that drives on Polish roads. The system consists of a transponder and a signal receiver (central unit). Allows you to start with a code key. However, such a system is very easy to cheat, for example by using a plug in the OBD socket or the "suitcase" method.

Additional car protection

Prudent drivers decide to additionally protect the car. Installing a relay powered by the ignition switch allows you to manually disable the ability to turn on the ignition. The system effectively cuts off electricity, so even if the thief has the right key or signal from it, he may have problems starting the unit. Then he must find a button to complete the circuit and restore the current. And it takes some time.

Remote ignition shutdown systems that cannot be activated mechanically work even better. Searching for the desired button will not give anything, because it simply does not exist.

What other car protection to choose?

A very popular means of deterring car thieves is an alarm. Of course, it works on the basis of an electronic control system. An experienced thief who knows about her existence will deal with her. However, in situations where you are dealing with someone less familiar, the alarm can be a lifesaver, because the sound and light signal will scare away the amateur.

GPS localizer

Another anti-theft system for a car can work using a GPS transmitter. Thanks to its connection to the GSM network, it gives you remote access to the current location of the car. When you mount only the tracker, you will not protect yourself from theft, but the sensors will alert you to a change in the position of the car or its position. Such equipment is especially useful when the thief decides to load the car onto a tow truck.

What precautions should not be taken?

It happens that some people use more sophisticated accessories in their car. Unusual means of car theft protection, the effectiveness of which is doubtful, are, for example, models of motion sensors or stickers of well-known companies specializing in protective devices. Vehicle owners hope that the sight of such "guards" will scare off the offender. However, we leave their effectiveness without comment.

The most effective car security - simple and good ways

Protecting your car from theft doesn't have to be very expensive to be effective. Basically, we are talking about the time that the cracker has to spend on additional actions. If the thief decides that everything will take too long, he may give up. The key that gives you access to your car is a security code to start the engine. Getting it might be easier than you think.

Vehicle theft protection - map

One of the methods used by robbers is to transmit a signal sent by a key or card. How does car theft protection with a card work? Housed in an aluminum housing that shields the radio waves sent by the car's opening element.

How to protect yourself from the "suitcase" method?

If for some reason you find this solution impractical, it will be good if you leave the keys away from the window or door. Often in homes, a locker for shoes or keys is located right outside the door. This creates an excellent opportunity for a thief to steal a car using the "suitcase" method. Then he can use the transmitter to collect the signal from the key or card and transmit it to his partner. At this point, he will try to start the car.

Is there a reliable anti-theft car lock?

Unfortunately, there is no such protection. Many thieves act impulsively and take advantage of the opportunity. However, there are specialized criminal groups that do nothing about car safety. That is why it is worth considering, first of all, the use of various methods of protection, so that the anti-theft system for a car is not based on only one solution. Also, remember about the AC policy with compensation for car theft. Nothing can replace your common sense. Park in a conspicuous place, watch your keys and do not leave valuables in the car.

Protecting your car from theft is extremely important. What kind of protection you choose for your car is up to you, but do not underestimate this issue. The use of good car anti-theft protection will minimize the risk of car “uninvited guests”.

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