Honda to launch a car with Level 2020 autopilot by the end of 3

The brand Honda plans to launch cars with the latest autopilot on the market. If that happens, Honda will become the first Japanese manufacturer to include a car with this option in its range. This autopilot has Level 3 automation and is SAE-compliant.

There is no word yet on which model will be equipped with this feature. However, the approximate timing of the announcement is already known. Probably, Honda will present its robotic car to the public in the summer of 2020.

Level XNUMX autopilot can take over control of the vehicle in certain situations. An example is driving at low speed or driving on a busy highway, where it is impossible to develop high speed. Simply put, automation can take over control in cases where there is only minimal risk of danger.

In such a situation, the driver will be able to transfer control to the autopilot and go about his business: for example, talk on the phone, read a book, see something on the screen.

Under other circumstances, it will not work to transfer control to the autopilot. This limitation is set for security reasons. Honda to launch a car with Level 2020 autopilot by the end of 3 Note that the third level is not the limit for the SAE classification. Level XNUMX autopilot will be able to take full control, but the manual control option will remain. A car equipped with level XNUMX automation will have no pedals or steering wheel at all.

Level 3 autopilot is not a market innovation. For example, this option has the model Audi AG.



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