Diesel fuel - what is worth knowing about this popular fuel?


Each type of fuel used in the automotive industry has its own advantages and disadvantages. Diesel fuel is no exception. While some drivers prefer petrol or gas, others can't imagine driving any other car than this one. However, it is still not the most popular fuel in the country, because gasoline is in the lead. In the past, diesel was less popular, which, in particular, led to its absence at gas stations. However, today you can easily find it almost everywhere, so if you are worried about it, you can buy such a car without any worries. Read our text, because here you will find verified information about one of the most popular types of fuel.

What is Diesel Fuel?

Diesel is a fuel suitable for self-ignition diesel engines. This means it works for many vehicles. What is the density of diesel fuel? It can vary between 0,82-0,845 kg / dm³. Such oil is produced, among other things, from petroleum. This warm mineral contains, for example, sulfur or oxygen. Its large deposits can be found in Russia and South Africa. Major global suppliers are countries such as the United States, Australia and Libya. Fuel is usually imported to Poland.

Diesel fuel ON - why is it chosen?

The cheaper the car is to run, the better the ratio of liters burned to the distance it can travel. Of course, much depends on the price of a particular type of fuel. Often it is the vehicles filled with diesel fuel that have the best conversion in this case. This is especially true for diesel cars, which are considered quite economical. Gasoline is even cheaper, but in its case you can drive less kilometers on one tank. This requires regular refueling and can be a waste of time.

Diesel - diesel fuel and diesel engine

Diesel is not the name of the fuel itself, but a term for a type of self-ignition engine. It was built by the German engineer Rudolf Diesel. Its other name is also a diesel engine. It contains a heating system with glow plugs. It raises the temperature in the combustion chambers and it is thanks to this that the engine runs properly. Since the 90s, diesels have become much more economical, which is associated with higher torque than gasoline ones. At the same time, their characteristics are not much different from other types of engines, but their design is definitely more complicated.

Does diesel burn?

There is a widespread myth about burning diesel fuel. Is it worth looking for a grain of truth in it? Note that the diesel fuel in the engine is actually burned. This is only because there are very specific conditions in a diesel that are difficult to achieve outside of it. Combustion requires the right air/fuel mixture, and high temperatures alone are not enough. This fuel additionally requires a pressure level accurately calculated by specialists. Diesel fuel is completely non-flammable, which means it is much safer than, for example, gas.

Diesel getting old?

Before pouring anything into your car, you need to make sure that it is a properly formulated and effective mixture. Otherwise, you can ruin your engine very quickly. Pouring gasoline into a diesel (or vice versa) can result in the death of a car. For this reason, it is legitimate to ask whether diesel fuel ages. Please note that it may become unusable if stored for a long time. For this reason, it is not worth making huge reserves of this fuel. All you have to do is hold it in the wrong way to have a negative impact on your car. What mistakes to avoid?

Diesel - when does it degrade?

Diesel fuel can degrade to varying degrees depending on the factors affecting it. which the? It may be cliché, but contact with oxygen causes oxidation. So be careful:

  • leaky containers for diesel fuel;
  • contact of oil with water;
  • containers that are contaminated.

If you close the oil in a leaky container, it may turn out that it will quickly lose its properties. A similar situation occurs when a substance comes into contact with water. Then it starts to hydrolyze. If the container you want to store the liquid in is dirty, the oil can become contaminated and become contaminated with microorganisms.

Diesel fuel price - how much should you pay?

Diesel fuel currently costs about 5,40-5,5 euros per litre. The price of diesel fuel has increased significantly in 2021, but, according to experts, it will not reach the level of PLN 6 yet. Unfortunately, driving in this case is not cheap. Small, city cars will consume about 100-4 liters per 5 km. If you drive 20 km one way to work, then you will have to take into account the cost of about 9 zł for the return trip.

Diesel fuel is one of the most popular types of fuel for a reason. The ratio of liters burned to kilometers traveled here is very good. It remains to be hoped that diesel prices will not rise sharply and the limit of PLN 6 will not be exceeded.

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