What is VAG (VAG)?


In the world of the automotive industry, as well as official dealers, an abbreviation is often used, which briefly describes the origin of a particular car brand. If half a century ago, in most cases, a specific brand indicated the country of origin of the car (this information helped the buyer to determine whether he really wanted such a car), today the brand name often indicates a group of manufacturers scattered around the world.

Several well-known brands are often part of the concern. This often leads to confusion among customers. An example of this is VAG.

What is VAG (VAG)?

Some believe that this is the abbreviated name of the Volkswagen brand. Often, the word group is used along with such an abbreviation, which hints at the fact that this is a group or concern that includes several brands. This leads some to think that this abbreviation means a collective image for all German manufacturers. We offer you to understand what the abbreviation vag means.


What's the official name?

Volkswagen Konzern is the official name of the concern. It translates as "Volkswagen Concern". The company has the status of a joint stock company, which includes many different large and small firms that are engaged in the development, design and manufacture of car parts, software and cars themselves.

For this reason, in some English-language publications, this concern is also called the WV Group, or the group of companies that make up Volkswagen.

How does VAG stand for?

Translated from German, volkswagen aktien gesselschaft is a Volkswagen joint stock company. Today the term “concern” is used. In the American version, the modern name of the brand is Volkswagen group.

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What is VAG (VAG)?

The headquarters of the concern is located in Germany - in the city of Wolfsburg. However, manufacturing facilities are located in many countries around the world. By the way, the name of the brand itself does not say that the car is German or American. Read separately several parts with a list of brands and the location of their factories.

What car brands are included in the VAG concern?

At the moment, the VAG company produces twelve car brands:

  • Audi;
  • Lamborghini;
  • Seat;
  • Bentley;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Bugatti;
  • Skoda;
  • Scania
  • Ducatti;
  • MAN;
  • Porsche;
  • VW Commercial Vehicles.

2011 was a watershed year for Porsche. Then there was a merger of large companies Porsche and Volkswagen, but on condition that Porsche SE remains 50 percent of the holding's shares, and VAG controls all intermediate shares, thanks to which it also has the right to make its own adjustments to the production process and influence the company's policy.

What is VAG (VAG)?

The Volkswagen group includes car brands of the following brands

The vag contains the following brands:

  • 1964 The Audi company was acquired;
  • 1977 NSU Motorenwerke became part of Audi Division (does not function as a separate brand);
  • 1990 Volkswagen has acquired nearly all 100 percent of the Seat brand. Since 1986, the concern has owned slightly more than half of the company's shares;
  • 1991th. Skoda was acquired;
  • Until 1995, VW Commercial Vehicles was part of Volkswagen AG, but since then it has existed as a separate division of the concern that manufactures commercial vehicles - tractors, buses and minibuses;
  • 1998th. That year was “fruitful” for the concern - it included Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini;
  • 2011 - the transfer of a controlling stake in Porsche to the VAG concern.

Today, the group includes more than 340 small companies that manufacture two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, as well as special equipment and components for it all over the world.

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What is VAG (VAG)?

More than 26 cars leave the conveyors of the concern annually all over the world (000 in Europe and 15 in America), and the official service centers of the company are located in more than one hundred and fifty countries.


VAG official site

The latest information about the composition of the concern, brand new items and a lot of interesting things can be found on the official Volkswagen website, which is located at this link... But in order to find out about the new products of the car brand in a particular region, you need to enter the phrase "The official Volkswagen website in ..." in the search engine. Instead of ellipsis, you need to substitute the desired country.

For example, the official representative office in Ukraine is located at this link, but in Russia - here.

As you can see, the VAG concern is a kind of funnel in the ocean of car manufacturers, which absorbs small companies. Thanks to this, there is less competition in the world, which affects the quality of products.

At the end of the review - a short video about how the auto brand developed:

The history of the VAG concern

Questions and answers:

What is VAG? This is a concern that occupies one of the leading positions among car manufacturers. The company is engaged in the production of cars, trucks, as well as sports cars and motorcycles. Under the leadership of the concern, 342 enterprises are engaged in the development and assembly of motor vehicles. Initially, the abbreviation VAG stands for Volkswagen Audi Gruppe. Now this abbreviation is written in full as Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, or Volkswagen joint stock company.

Which subsidiaries of the Volkswagen Group? The group of automakers, led by Volkswagen, includes 12 car brands: Man; Ducati; Volkswagen; Audi; Scania; Porsche; Bugatti; Bentley; Lamborghini; Seat; Skoda; VW Commercial Vehicles.

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