The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made


Batman's car

A serious threat looms over humanity. None of ordinary people can cope with such an enemy. But superheroes with superhuman strength come to the rescue. This is a common plot that has migrated from American comics to the big screens.

Superhumans can overcome the laws of gravity and move faster than the speed of light, some can easily lift a huge load. Someone's wounds heal in seconds, and there are even those who can travel in time.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

Batman does not have all this, but his "superpower" lies in innovative gadgets, among which the most striking is, of course, his car. How did the famous Batmobile come about? We offer you to get acquainted with the evolution of the most "advanced" car.

Superhero car history

The police car should be the fastest, bulletproof and have many additional features to make the task of fighting crime easier. This is why Batman's car is unlike any other car in the fantasy world.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

For the first time the concept of "Batmobile" appeared on the pages of comics back in 1941. Then the boys had only a few pictures at their disposal with a brief description of what this machine can do. She came to life exclusively in their imagination. Before the advent of auto, the dark knight used a bat-like plane.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

The creators of incredible superhero stories each time equipped the car with additional options. So, the hero no longer needed a motorcycle, boat and even a tank. The style of transport has always remained unchanged - sharp edges reminiscent of the silhouette of a bat, the symbol of a superhero, were an obligatory element in its body.

The car from the TV series "Batman"

The first film adaptation of the comic took place in 1943. Then this genre was only gaining popularity, so the films were shown exclusively in America. A resident of the post-Soviet space is better known for the 1966 series, in which the directors demonstrated different options for the betmobile.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

During filming was used Lincoln Futura 1954, which, as you can see in the photo, was extravagant even before the release of the series. Under the hood was a 934 cubic centimeters engine.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

This model provided excellent advertising for the company. Ford... The cost of the car was $ 250. A total of six such copies were created for the film. Upon completion of filming, one of them fell into the hands of designer J. Barris. He bought the car for just one dollar.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

Another of these cars was sold in 2013 at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $ 4,2 million.

The car from the movie "Batman" 1989

If the first films about a fantastic car and its owner were perceived as childish, then since 1989 the audience of fans of this story has expanded, and already consisted not only of boys.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

Tim Barton created a full-length superhero movie, and a more original car was used as a betmobile. She did not look like the previous model, and looked a little restrained.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

Superhero auto was created based on Buick Riviera и Chevrolet Caprice. The body upgrade was so successful that the image of the updated Batmobile appeared several times in the comics of the time.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

The car from the movie "Batman and Robin" 1997

The saddest in the history of the creation of the franchise was the period when the film "Batman and Robin" appeared on the screens, and the subsequent series. The film turned out to be more of a toy than a fantasy, from which it received several negative nominations at the 1997 film festival.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

Among the "merits" - the nomination "Worst Superhero Film". The picture was included in the list of the worst films in history. And even the secondary role of Arnold Schwarzenegger did not save the picture from failure.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

In addition to the bad acting of the actors, the restyling of the betmobile was also not impressed. Although the design of the car was original, most likely, the viewer became bored looking at the awkward long car with wings. Under the hood of this fantastic car, an engine from a Chevrolet model 350 ZZ3 was installed. Equipped with such a power unit, the car could accelerate to 530 km / h.

Interest in the film and the superhero stuffing of the betmobile abruptly faded away. Therefore, the fifth part of the series of stories about the crime fighter never appeared.

The Batman Trilogy Car by Christopher Nolan

To regain interest in the superhero, it was decided to restart the picture, and the first thing that was paid attention was the Dark Knight's car.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

In the movie "Batman Begins" (2005), a combat vehicle appears unlike the previous versions. It is done in a military style, and caused division among comic book fans. Some believed that the new style revived the plot, while others believed that the use of military developments was too much. The car looked like a bat with folded wings. The body is made of military bulletproof steel (according to the plot).

The creators of the armored car called it a hybrid of a tank and Lamborghini... For the filming of the film, as before, they decided to make a full-fledged car. As a power unit, a GM V-8 engine with 500 horsepower was used. "Tumbler" accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h. in 5,6 seconds. For a 2,3-ton "strong man" this is a good indicator.

Look at the real capabilities of such a device:

Building and Stunt Batmobile for The Dark Knight Trilogy

This modification was used in all parts of the dark knight trilogy, created by K. Nolan.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Completing the "evolution" of the betmobile is a painting by Zach Snyder, released in 2016. In this film, Bruce Wayne fights lawlessness in an updated car.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

The car is made in the same style as in the paintings of Nolan, only the body has received a more sporty look. The profile a bit resembles Burton's modification - a long front end and slightly raised bat wings.

The Batmobile: How the Batman Car Was Made

Batman's recent screen appearances have raised the fan base again. They got to the point where they demanded a 200-year ban from the state for Ben Affleck to play the role of Batman. The dissatisfaction was also about some other roles, but not the car.

Fans of the comic book hope that the legendary Batmobile will continue to improve not only in terms of weapons, but also to improve externally.

The complete evolution of the betmobile is presented in the video:

BatMobil - Evolution (1943 - 2020)! All Batman Cars!

But what the heroes drove the famous "Matrix".



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