CITROEN announced that the company is already accepting bids for its all-new C4 offering for the French market, which is available to order in a standard version with a petrol and diesel engine as well as an all-electric version.

The new generation C4 and its all-electric version of the e-C4, which will be available at the French brand's dealerships by the end of this year, are offered at a price of 20 euros for the petrol range, 900 euros for the diesel and electric after. deduction of local preferences and eco-bonuses is available in the amount of 23 euros.

New Citroen The C4 and e-C4 are available in five trim levels, as well as two special trims with all available options. For the power plant, buyers can choose between three petrol versions - 100, 130 and 155 horsepower, and two diesel - 110 and 130 horsepower.

The all-electric version of the Citroen C4-e-C4 offers 136 horsepower, 260 Nm of torque and the ability to travel 350 kilometers on a single battery charge (50 kWh).

New Citroën C4 & ë-C4 - 100% electric: Citroën's hatch legacy


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