Bentley has improved the world's fastest crossover

Bentayga Speed ​​version develops 306 km / h again, but gets new technologies

British company Bentley has officially unveiled the updated Speed ​​version on its Bentayga SUV. The fastest mass-produced crossover on the planet will be marketed in the US, Asia-Pacific and Middle East markets such as The model retains its current engine, the 6,0-liter V12. Its power is 626 hp. and 900 Nm of torque.

Bentley has improved the world's fastest crossover

The engine works in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic transmission to accelerate the Bentayga Speed ​​from 0-100 km / h in 3,9 seconds. The maximum speed, like the previous version of the model, remains at 306 km / h.

However, the crossover engine has received some improvements. The main thing is that the control unit, if necessary, can turn off any of the cylinders. The unit also has a new control system for cooling and switching between individual units, which reduces harmful emissions. Between 5th and 8th gear, the engine can idle with open throttle.

Bentley has improved the world's fastest crossover

The updated Bentley Bentayga Speed ​​is equipped with a Bentley Dynamic Ride system, powered by a 48-volt network.... The designers have slightly changed the exterior to emphasize the sporty style of the car. This affects the headlights, which are darker, the rear spoiler is larger, and both bumpers have been modified. The crossover is also fitted with new wheels with more spokes.

The crossover is available in 17 primary colors as well as 47 different shades. At the request of the customer, the car can be painted in two colors, a total of 24 combinations are available. The company is also ready to produce non-standard colors.

Bentley has improved the world's fastest crossover

The interior of the revamped Bentayga Speed ​​Hall contrasts with an emphasis on darker parts. They are combined with decorative elements of other colors. The infotainment system measures 10,9 inches and is the same as the standard Bentayga. However, the new digital dashboard also received a large number of settings and digital combinations.

Bentley has not forgotten about the special "black" modification for the Bentayga Speed, which includes high-gloss elements and carbon parts. The prices for the model will become clear at the start of sales in the fall.



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