Automotive industry fears a second quarantine

The corona crisis practically brought the auto industry to a standstill for weeks. Gradually, automakers are returning to normal operations, but the damage is great. And therefore, the industry fears a possible second "blockage".

“The pandemic is affecting manufacturers and suppliers in a fundamental shift in vehicle mobility towards electrification, which in itself requires all the effort. After the global market collapse, the situation for many companies has stabilized. But the crisis is not over yet. Now everything must be done to prevent a new decline in production and demand, ”said Dr. Martin Coers, Managing Director of the Automobile Association (VDA).

The VDA expects about 2020 million vehicles to be produced in Germany in 3,5. This corresponds to a 25 percent decrease over 2019. From January to July 2020, 1,8 million vehicles were produced in Germany, the lowest level since 1975.

“A study of VDA member companies showed that improvement occurs every second, but suppliers believe that absorption levels will not be achieved until the coronary crisis affects production in this country by 2022,” explains Dr. Coers.



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