Test drive Audi A6 50 TDI quattro: Big and light


Driving a new model release to the upper middle class segment

How does the six-cylinder 50 TDI, a mild hybrid powertrain with a modern fifth generation A6 chassis, cope with the challenges on “modern” roads? First impressions.

It is known that appearance is not the most comprehensive evaluation criterion, but in this case it really deserves special attention. Unlike its predecessors' precise and discreet forms, the current generation A6 impresses with its refreshing and expressive design.

Test drive Audi A6 50 TDI quattro: Big and light

The giant radiator grille, dynamic silhouette lines and the impressive volume of the wheel arches give the Ingolstadt sedan a striking look, even against the backdrop of the A8. The more dynamic spirit compared to the flagship is also emphasized by numerous details such as the front and rear LED headlights.

The new 50 TDI Quattro designation on the tailgate clearly identifies the diesel version of the A6, although it does not really indicate volume but equipment. The three-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel has a capacity of 210 to 230 kW.

The similarities with the top model from Ingolstadt were much more pronounced in the interiors, where the atmosphere of the new A6 significantly surpasses the main competitors. A combination of fine wood, high-quality leather, polished metal and glass, the layout of a modern multimedia system, two large screens.

Test drive Audi A6 50 TDI quattro: Big and light

The top of the harmoniously positioned one above the other in the area of ​​the center console, the touchscreens are associated with the navigation and infotainment systems, while the main function of the lower panel is the air conditioning of the body.

Many functions do not distract the driver at all. Simply lift your finger while holding your hand on the renowned transmission shift lever Audi... All of this is organically complemented by an expanded range of electronic assistants on the A6, which make it easier for the driver to drive. The package includes assistants such as the parking assistant. They significantly increase active safety and ride comfort.

On road

A sense of serene calmness is also present in the behavior of the new A6 on the road. Balanced dynamics is provided by a dual gear and an all-wheel steer chassis.

In the city and on ambitious driving on roads with lots of curves, the A6 exhibits amazing agility and an active, stable demeanor that seeks to respond to the mood of the person behind the wheel. The suspension effectively absorbs bumps and handles rough surfaces without being overly dramatic despite the 19-inch wheels.

Test drive Audi A6 50 TDI quattro: Big and light

The mild nature of the eight-speed automatic transmission is ideally matched to the mild-hybrid setup with 48 V electrical system.

Intelligent management of energy flows and the ability to save energy by completely turning off the internal combustion engine for a long time (when coasting), not only increase the harmony of the unit and improve ride comfort, but also help to save on fuel.


Driving behavior, comfort and dynamics on the A6 are so close to the top-class level that the boundaries are beginning to disappear - especially with the production of a new control system, numerous electronic driver assistants and rich new generation multimedia equipment.



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