Заводские коды ошибок Chrysler/Jeep

Марка автоКод ошибкиЗначение ошибки
Chrysler/JeepP1000Ignition Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1001Ignition Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1004ECU Battery Feed & Power Grounds
Chrysler/JeepP1005Sys Ground Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1006EGR/EVAP Solenoid Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1007EGR/EVAP Solenoid Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1008Power Steering Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1009Power Steering Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1012MPA Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1013MPA Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1014Fuel Pump Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1015Fuel Pump Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1016Charge Air Temp Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1017Charge Air Temp Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1018Serial Data Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1019Power Latch Not Set
Chrysler/JeepP1021Engine Failed To Start Due To Mechanical,Fuel or Ignition Conditions
Chrysler/JeepP1022Starter Relay Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1024ECU Start Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1025WOT Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1463Fuel Level Output Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1470Leak Detect Pump Pressure Switch Low
Chrysler/JeepP1471Leak Detect Pump Pressure Switch High
Chrysler/JeepP1472Leak Detect Pump Solenoid Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1473Leak Detect Pump Solenoid Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1474Leak Detect Pump Solenoid Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1475Auxiliary 5 volt supply is too high
Chrysler/JeepP1476Too little secondary air
Chrysler/JeepP1477Too much secondary air
Chrysler/JeepP1478Battery Temp Sensor Volts out of limit
Chrysler/JeepP1479Transmission Fan Relay Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1480PCV Solenoid Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1481EATX (Electronic Automatic Transaxle) RPM pulse generator performance
Chrysler/JeepP1482Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit shorted low
Chrysler/JeepP1483Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit shorted high
Chrysler/JeepP1484Catalytic Converter overheat detected
Chrysler/JeepP1485Air injection solenoid circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1486EVAP Leak Monitor found a pinched hose
Chrysler/JeepP1487Hi Speed Fan #2 Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1488Auxiliary 5 volt supply output is too low
Chrysler/JeepP1489High speed fan control relay circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1490Low speed fan control relay circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1491Radiator fan relay control circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1492Ambient/ Battery Temp sensor input voltage too high
Chrysler/JeepP1493Ambient/ Battery Temp sensor input voltage too low
Chrysler/JeepP1494Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault
Chrysler/JeepP1495Leak detection pump solenoid circuit
Chrysler/JeepP14965 volt supply, output too low
Chrysler/JeepP1498High speed radiator fan ground control relay circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1499Hydraulic Fan Solenoid Ckt
Chrysler/JeepP1500General alternator ‘FR’ Terminal circuit fault
Chrysler/JeepP1501Vehicle Speed Sensor 1/2 Correlation — Drive Wheels
Chrysler/JeepP1502Vehicle Speed Sensor 1/2 Correlation — Non-Drive Wheels
Chrysler/JeepP1503Speed Sensor Correlation
Chrysler/JeepP1505Vehicle Speed Output Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1510Battery Temperature Sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1511Battery Sense Line 1
Chrysler/JeepP1512Battery Sense Line 2
Chrysler/JeepP1513Starter Request Switch Stuck
Chrysler/JeepP1515Accelerator Pedal Sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1518Cruise Control Front Distance Sensor Lens Dirty SAE TEMP
Chrysler/JeepP1519Cruise Control Front Distance Sensor Lens Cracked/Missing SAE TEMP
Chrysler/JeepP1520Cruise Mux Switches (invalid voltage)
Chrysler/JeepP1521Incorrect Engine Oil Type
Chrysler/JeepP1525Defrost Sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1530Ignition Run/Start Sense Circuit Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1535Fuel Pressure Regulator Current Control
Chrysler/JeepP1536Alternator Exciting Current
Chrysler/JeepP1572Brake Pedal Stuck On
Chrysler/JeepP1573Brake Pedal Stuck Off
Chrysler/JeepP1593Speed Control Multiplexed Switch 1 / 2 Stuck
Chrysler/JeepP1594Charging system voltage too high
Chrysler/JeepP1595Speed control solenoid circuits
Chrysler/JeepP1596Speed control switch always high
Chrysler/JeepP1597Speed control switch always low
Chrysler/JeepP1598A/C pressure sensor input voltage too high
Chrysler/JeepP1599A/C pressure sensor input voltage too low
Chrysler/JeepP1600Serial Communication Link Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1601Internal TCM Computer Error
Chrysler/JeepP1602PCM Not Programmed
Chrysler/JeepP1603PCM Internal Dual-Port RAM Communication Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1604PCM Internal Dual-Port RAM Read/Write Integrity Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1605Ignition Switch
Chrysler/JeepP1606After Run
Chrysler/JeepP1607PCM Internal Shutdown Timer Rationality
Chrysler/JeepP1608Analog / Digital Converter
Chrysler/JeepP1609TLE Powerstage Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1610Voltage Regulator
Chrysler/JeepP1611Pump Element Shut-Off
Chrysler/JeepP1612Maximum Governor Speed Deviation — Fuel Limiting
Chrysler/JeepP1614ECU Reset/Recovery Occurred
Chrysler/JeepP1615Microcontroller Error
Chrysler/JeepP16165V Output Reference Voltage 1 Low
Chrysler/JeepP16175V Output Reference Voltage 1 High
Chrysler/JeepP16185V Output Reference Voltage 1 Noisy Signal, or Sensor Reference Voltage 1 Erratic
Chrysler/JeepP1619Engine Crank Without Request
Chrysler/JeepP16202.5 V Reference Voltage
Chrysler/JeepP16215V Output Reference Voltage 1
Chrysler/JeepP16225V Output Reference Voltage 2
Chrysler/JeepP1623ASD Relay/Control De-Energize Too Soon
Chrysler/JeepP1624ASD Relay/Control De-Energize Too Long
Chrysler/JeepP1625Main Relay
Chrysler/JeepP16265V Output Reference Voltage 2 Low
Chrysler/JeepP16285V Output Reference Voltage 2 Noisy Signal, or Sensor Reference Voltage 2 Erratic
Chrysler/JeepP1629TCM Internal: Solenoid Supply/Watchdog
Chrysler/JeepP1630Solenoid Valve Controller / Fuel Cooler Motor
Chrysler/JeepP1631TCM Internal — Processor Clock Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1632TCM Internal — Test Internal Watchdog Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1633TCM Internal — Test External Watchdog Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1634TCM Internal — Internal Watchdog Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1635Glow Plug Relay
Chrysler/JeepP1636TCM Internal — External Watchdog Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1637TCM Internal — EEPROM Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1638TCM Internal — CAN 1 RAM Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1639TCM Internal — CAN 2 RAM Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1640Glow Plug Auxiliary Relay
Chrysler/JeepP1641Cabin Heater 1
Chrysler/JeepP1642Cabin Heater 2
Chrysler/JeepP1643Viscous Cabin Heater
Chrysler/JeepP1644Incorrect Variant/Configuration
Chrysler/JeepP1645Wait to Start Lamp (glow plug display)
Chrysler/JeepP1646Hydraulic Cooling Fan Control Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1647Hydraulic Cooling Fan Control Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1648Glow Plug Module Internal
Chrysler/JeepP1649Glow Plug Module Power Supply Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1650Diagnostic (Check Engine) Lamp
Chrysler/JeepP1651MIL/Diagnostic Lamp via J1850 Bus
Chrysler/JeepP1652J1850 Communication Bus
Chrysler/JeepP1653J1850 Communication Bus Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1654J1850 Communication Bus Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1655A/C Clutch Relay
Chrysler/JeepP1656J1850 Communication Bus Busy / Not Available
Chrysler/JeepP1657J1850 Communication Bus Invalid IFR Received
Chrysler/JeepP1660Emergency Stop Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid
Chrysler/JeepP1661Sensor Ground Reference Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1666Cruise Control Module Internal
Chrysler/JeepP1668ETC TPS 1 x 4 Performance — ECU Internal
Chrysler/JeepP1669ETC A2D Ground Performance — ECU Internal
Chrysler/JeepP1670Torque Curve Calibration
Chrysler/JeepP1671Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Supply
Chrysler/JeepP1672Accelerator Pedal Sensor Supply
Chrysler/JeepP1673Boost Pressure Sensor Supply
Chrysler/JeepP1674Mass Air Flow Sensor Supply
Chrysler/JeepP1675Smart Start Relay
Chrysler/JeepP1678ECU Sensor Adjusment Required
Chrysler/JeepP1679Calibration Not Learned
Chrysler/JeepP1680Clutch released switch circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1681No I/P Cluster CCD/ J1850 messages received
Chrysler/JeepP1682Charging system voltage too low
Chrysler/JeepP1683Speed control servo power control circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1684The battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts
Chrysler/JeepP1685The SKIM (Smart Key Immobilizer Module) has received an invalid key
Chrysler/JeepP1686No SKIM (Smart Key Immobilizer Module) bus message received
Chrysler/JeepP1687No Mechanical Instrument cluster bus message
Chrysler/JeepP1688Internal Fuel injection pump controller failure
Chrysler/JeepP1689No communication between the ECM and injection pump module
Chrysler/JeepP1690Fuel injection pump CKP sensor does not agree with the ECM CKP sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1691Fuel injection pump controller calibration error
Chrysler/JeepP1692Fault in companion Engine control module
Chrysler/JeepP1693A companion DTC was set in both the ECM and PCM
Chrysler/JeepP1694No CCD message from PCM- Aisin transmission
Chrysler/JeepP1695No CCD message from body control module
Chrysler/JeepP1696PCM failure EEPROM write denied
Chrysler/JeepP1697PCM Failure SRI (Service Reminder Indicator) mileage not stored
Chrysler/JeepP1698No CCD message from TCM
Chrysler/JeepP1699No Climate Control Bus Messages
Chrysler/JeepP1701Electronic Throttle Control System (MIL Request) (RESERVED for HAL Z.)
Chrysler/JeepP1703Brake Switch
Chrysler/JeepP1704Input Speed Sensor 1 Overspeed
Chrysler/JeepP1705Input Speed Sensor 2 Overspeed
Chrysler/JeepP1707TCM Overtemp/Overvoltage Powerdown Activated
Chrysler/JeepP1708Transmission Range Actuator Unable To Shift
Chrysler/JeepP1709Transmission Range Actuator Position Not Achieved
Chrysler/JeepP1710Incorrect Transmission Clutch Applied — Test 1
Chrysler/JeepP1711Incorrect Transmission Clutch Applied — Test 2
Chrysler/JeepP1712Transmission Solenoids Current Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1713Restricted Manual Valve in T2 Range
Chrysler/JeepP1714Low Battery Voltage
Chrysler/JeepP1715PG Assembly Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1716No Communication with the ECU
Chrysler/JeepP1717No Communication with the MIC
Chrysler/JeepP1718EEPROM Integrity Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1719Skip shift solenoid circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1721Line Pressure Sensor Circuit (old)
Chrysler/JeepP1722Line Pressure Low (old)
Chrysler/JeepP1723Lock Up / Select Control Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1724Line Pressure High (old)
Chrysler/JeepP1725Inductive Auxiliary Speed Sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1726UD Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP17274C Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP17282C Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1729Transmission Ratio Control Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1730Brake Primary Switch
Chrysler/JeepP1731Incorrect Gear Engaged
Chrysler/JeepP1732UD Pressure Switch Check
Chrysler/JeepP17334C Pressure Switch Check
Chrysler/JeepP17342C Pressure Switch Check
Chrysler/JeepP1735Inadequate Element Volume 4C (old)
Chrysler/JeepP17362nd Gear Incorrect Ratio
Chrysler/JeepP1737FS/LR Solenoid Circuit Error
Chrysler/JeepP1738High Temperature Operation Activated (trans overheat)
Chrysler/JeepP1739Power-Up at Speed
Chrysler/JeepP1740TCC solenoid or overdrive solenoid performance
Chrysler/JeepP1741Gear Ratio Error in 4 Prime
Chrysler/JeepP1742ROM Checksum Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1743RAM Integrity Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1744Torque Converter Lock-Up-Clutch Heat Control
Chrysler/JeepP1745Transmission Line Pressure Too High for Too Long
Chrysler/JeepP1749Transmission Throttle Valve Position Sensor Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1750Solenoid Assembly Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1751Transmission Throttle Valve Position Sensor Minimum Range Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1752Transmission Throttle Valve Span Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1753Transmission Throttle Valve Mechanical Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1754Transmission Throttle Valve Actuator Stuck
Chrysler/JeepP1755Transmission Throttle Valve Control Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1756Governor pressure not equal to target at 15-20 psi
Chrysler/JeepP1757Governor pressure is above 3 PSI when 0 PSI is requested
Chrysler/JeepP1758Transmission Throttle Valve Actuator Overcurrent
Chrysler/JeepP1762Governor pressure sensor offset improper voltage
Chrysler/JeepP1763Governor pressure sensor voltage to high
Chrysler/JeepP1026WOT Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1027ECU Sees Wide Open Throttle
Chrysler/JeepP1028ECU Does Not See Wide Open Throttle
Chrysler/JeepP1029ISA Closed Throttle Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1030ISA Closed Throttle Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1031ECU Sees Closed Throttle
Chrysler/JeepP1032ECU Does Not See Closed Throttle
Chrysler/JeepP1033ISA Circs
Chrysler/JeepP1037TP Sens Circuit Reads Low
Chrysler/JeepP1038Park / Neutral Line Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1039Park / Neutral Line Low
Chrysler/JeepP1040Latched B + Line Low
Chrysler/JeepP1041Latched B + Line Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1042No Latched B + 1/2 Volt Drop
Chrysler/JeepP1043Shift Lamp Circuit Grounded
Chrysler/JeepP1044D2 — 1 Circuit Low (A/T) or Upshift Lamp Circuit (M/T) or Shift Lamp Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1045Shift Lamp Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1047Wrong ECU
Chrysler/JeepP1048M/T Vehicle Configuration
Chrysler/JeepP1049A/T Vehicle Configuration
Chrysler/JeepP1764Governor pressure sensor voltage to low
Chrysler/JeepP1765Transmission 12 volt supply relay control circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1766Transmission Relay Stuck Off
Chrysler/JeepP1767Relay always on (relay contacts are welded closed)
Chrysler/JeepP1768Relay always off (relays are stuck open)
Chrysler/JeepP1770LR inadequate element voume: LR, 2-4, OD
Chrysler/JeepP1771LR inadequate element voume: LR, 2-4, OD
Chrysler/JeepP1772LR inadequate element voume: LR, 2-4, OD
Chrysler/JeepP1773Inadequate Element Volume UD (old)
Chrysler/JeepP1775Solenoid switch valve latched in the LU position
Chrysler/JeepP1776Solenoid switch valve latched in the LR position
Chrysler/JeepP1780Pressure switch circuit: ALL
Chrysler/JeepP1781Pressure switch circuit: OD
Chrysler/JeepP1782Pressure switch circuit: 2-4
Chrysler/JeepP1783Pressure switch circuit: 2-4/OD
Chrysler/JeepP1784Pressure switch circuit: LR
Chrysler/JeepP1785Pressure switch circuit: LR/OD
Chrysler/JeepP1786Pressure switch circuit: LR/2-4
Chrysler/JeepP1787Hydraulic Pressure Switch: OD
Chrysler/JeepP1788Hydraulic Pressure Switch: 2-4
Chrysler/JeepP1789Hydraulic Pressure Switch: OD/2-4
Chrysler/JeepP1790Fault immediately after a shift
Chrysler/JeepP1791ECT Level Input Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1792Battery power was disconnected since last power down
Chrysler/JeepP1793TRD link communication error
Chrysler/JeepP1794Speeds error: Speen sensor ground
Chrysler/JeepP1795Internal control module
Chrysler/JeepP1796Check Autostick Input Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1797Manual Shift Overheat
Chrysler/JeepP1798Worn or burnt transmission fluid
Chrysler/JeepP1799Calculated oil temperature in use.
Chrysler/JeepP1830Clutch Pedal Switch Over-ride Relay Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1854Throttle Inlet Pressure / Baro Out of Range
Chrysler/JeepP1899Park/ Neutral switch stuck in park or gear
Chrysler/JeepP1050Idle RPM Low
Chrysler/JeepP1051Idle RPM Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1052MAP Sens Out Of Limits
Chrysler/JeepP1053Change In MAP Reading Out Of Limits
Chrysler/JeepP1054Coolant Sens & 5V Supply for TP Sens / MAP Circs Low
Chrysler/JeepP1055Coolant Sens Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1056Inactive Coolant Temp Sens
Chrysler/JeepP1059A/C Request Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1060A/C Request Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1061A/C Select Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1062A/C Select Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1063A/C Clutch Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1064A/C Clutch Circuit Hi & Power Steering Input
Chrysler/JeepP1068Latch Relay Circuit Hi
Chrysler/JeepP1069No Tach
Chrysler/JeepP1074ECU Does Not See Speed Sens
Chrysler/JeepP1101HCM/PCM Communication Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1102HEV Stop Request Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1103Turbocharger Waste Gate Actuator Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1104Turbocharger Waste Gate Solenoid Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1105Fuel Pressure Solenoid Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1106Barometric Pressure Read Vent Valve Solenoid Circuit Range/Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1110Decreased Engine Performance Due To High Intake Air Temperature
Chrysler/JeepP1115General Temperature Rationality
Chrysler/JeepP1120Boost Pressure / Throttle Position Sensor Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1128Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved — Bank 1
Chrysler/JeepP1129Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved — Bank 2
Chrysler/JeepP1130Fuel Rail Pressure Monitoring
Chrysler/JeepP1131Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve
Chrysler/JeepP1132Fuel Pressure Regulator Offset Rationality
Chrysler/JeepP1135O2 Sensor Heater 1/1 Element Resistance Out of Range
Chrysler/JeepP1136O2 Sensor Heater 1/2 Element Resistance Out of Range
Chrysler/JeepP1137O2 Sensor Heater 1/3 Element Resistance Out of Range
Chrysler/JeepP1138O2 Sensor Heater 2/1 Element Resistance Out of Range
Chrysler/JeepP1139O2 Sensor Heater 2/2 Element Resistance Out of Range
Chrysler/JeepP1140Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Control Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1146Fuel Injector Group 1 Supply Voltage Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1149Fuel Injector Group 2 Supply Voltage Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1160Ignition Switch Run / Start Position Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1180Decreased Engine Performance Due To High Injection Pump Fuel Temperature
Chrysler/JeepP1185General Pressure Sensor Correlation
Chrysler/JeepP1187Inlet Pressure/MAP Correlation
Chrysler/JeepP1188Inlet Air Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1189Inlet Air Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1190Inlet Air Pressure Sensor Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1192IAT Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1193IAT Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1194PWM O2 Heater Relay Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1195Slow Switching O2 Sensor Bank One Sensor One During catalyst monitoring
Chrysler/JeepP1196Slow Switching O2 Sensor Bank two Sensor one During catalyst monitoring
Chrysler/JeepP1197Slow Switching O2 Sensor Bank One Sensor two During catalyst monitoring
Chrysler/JeepP1198Radiator Temperature Sensor Input voltage too high
Chrysler/JeepP1199Radiator Temperature Sensor Input voltage too low
Chrysler/JeepP1201Needle Movement Sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1202Fuel System Over Pressure — Stuck Regulator
Chrysler/JeepP1205Injector Classification Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1206Calculated Injector Voltage Above Threshold
Chrysler/JeepP1207Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Circuit Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1208Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1209Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1210Engine Oil Cooler Control Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1211Loss of Engine Coolant Detected
Chrysler/JeepP1220Fuel Quantity Actuator
Chrysler/JeepP1225Control Sleeve Sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1230Timing Governing
Chrysler/JeepP1235External Fuel Quantity Access
Chrysler/JeepP1239Engine Oil Temperature Too Low
Chrysler/JeepP1240CAN Communication Failure
Chrysler/JeepP1241CAN Communication Messages Confirmed Missing
Chrysler/JeepP1242CAN Communication Messages Missing
Chrysler/JeepP1243Turbocharger Surge Valve Solenoid Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1250Vacuum Reservoir Control Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1251Vacuum Reservoir Control Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1252Vacuum Reservoir Control Circuit High
Chrysler/JeepP1259Glow Plug Module Control Over Current
Chrysler/JeepP1260Glow Plug 1 Control Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1261Glow Plug 1 Control Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1262Glow Plug 2 Control Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1263Glow Plug 2 Control Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1264Glow Plug 3 Control Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1265Glow Plug 3 Control Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1266Glow Plug 4 Control Circuit Open
Chrysler/JeepP1267Glow Plug 4 Control Circuit Low
Chrysler/JeepP1270Intake Port Swirl Actuator
Chrysler/JeepP1271A/C Clutch Control Circuit 2 Block Reserved — Not Used 02-Sep-2004
Chrysler/JeepP1272A/C Clutch Control Circuit 2 Low
Chrysler/JeepP1273A/C Clutch Control Circuit 2 High
Chrysler/JeepP1274A/C Clutch Control Circuit 2 Open
Chrysler/JeepP1275A/C Clutch Control Circuit 2 Overcurrent
Chrysler/JeepP1276Starter Control Circuit 2 Block Reserved — Not Used 02-Sep-2004
Chrysler/JeepP1277Starter Control Circuit 2 Low
Chrysler/JeepP1278Starter Control Circuit 2 High
Chrysler/JeepP1279Starter Control Circuit 2 Open
Chrysler/JeepP1280Fuel System Relay Control Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1281Engine is cold too long
Chrysler/JeepP1282Fuel Pump Relay control circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1283Idle select signal invalid
Chrysler/JeepP1284Fuel Injection pump battery voltage sensor out of range
Chrysler/JeepP1285Fuel Injection pump controller always on
Chrysler/JeepP1286Accelerator Position Sensor (APPS) supply voltage too high
Chrysler/JeepP1287Fuel Injection pump Controller Supply voltage low
Chrysler/JeepP1288Intake manifold short runner tuning valve solenoid circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1289Manifold tune valve solenoid circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1290CNG Fuel system pressure too high
Chrysler/JeepP1291No Temp rise seen from intake heaters
Chrysler/JeepP1292CNG Pressure sensor voltage too high
Chrysler/JeepP1293CNG Pressure sensor voltage too low
Chrysler/JeepP1294Target idle not reached
Chrysler/JeepP1295No 5 volts to TP sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1296No 5 volts to MAP sensor
Chrysler/JeepP1297No change in MAP sensor from start to run
Chrysler/JeepP1298lean operation at wide open throttle
Chrysler/JeepP1299Vacuum Leak detected (IAC fully seated)
Chrysler/JeepP1300Ignition timing adjustment circuit failure
Chrysler/JeepP1388Auto shutdown relay control circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1389No ASD relay output voltage at PCM
Chrysler/JeepP1390Timing belt skipped one tooth or more
Chrysler/JeepP1391Intermittent loss of CMP or CKP
Chrysler/JeepP1398Mis-Fire Adaptive Numerator at Limit (PCM is unable to learn the crank sensors signal for use in preparation for misfire diagnostics
Chrysler/JeepP1399Wait to start lamp circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1400Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
Chrysler/JeepP1403No 5 volt feed to EGR
Chrysler/JeepP1404EGR Close Position Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1411Cylinder 1 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1412Cylinder 2 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1413Cylinder 3 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1414Cylinder 4 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1415Cylinder 5 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1416Cylinder 6 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1417Cylinder 7 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1418Cylinder 8 Reactivation Control Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1420Register Resonant Charging 1 (RRC1)
Chrysler/JeepP1425Register Resonant Charging 2 (RRC2)
Chrysler/JeepP1443EVAP Purge Control Solenoid 2 Circuit
Chrysler/JeepP1450EGR Throttle Governor
Chrysler/JeepP1451Diesel Particulate Filter System Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1452Differential Pressure Sensor Hose Performance
Chrysler/JeepP1453Differential Pressure Sensor Hose Blocked
Chrysler/JeepP1454Differential Pressure Sensor Flow Too High
Chrysler/JeepP1462Fuel Level Output Circuit Low