Livestock pollutes more than cars

According to the experts' report, even if the cars with combustion engines are stopped, it will not help the environment much.

Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock (cows, pigs, etc.) are higher than all vehicles in the EU. This is reported by the British newspaper The Guardian with reference to a new report by the environmental organization Greenpeace. It turns out that if everyone in Europe switches to electric vehicles, little will change for the environment unless action is taken to reduce livestock numbers.

Livestock pollutes more than cars

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for 2018, livestock farming on EU farms (including the UK) emits about 502 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year - mostly methane. By comparison, cars emit about 656 million tons of carbon dioxide. If we calculate indirect greenhouse gas emissions and take into account how much of them is emitted as a result of growing and producing fodder, deforestation and other things, then the total emissions from livestock production will amount to about 704 million tons.

The report also states that meat consumption increased by 9,5% from 2007 to 2018, resulting in a 6% increase in emissions. It's like launching 8,4 million new gasoline vehicles. If this growth continues, the likelihood that the EU will meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement will be much lower.

Livestock pollutes more than cars

“The scientific evidence is very clear. The numbers tell us that we cannot avoid a worsening climate if politicians continue to defend industrial production of meat and dairy products. Farm animals won't stop farting and belching. The only way to reduce emissions to the required level is to reduce livestock numbers, ”said Marco Contiero, Greenpeace's agricultural policy manager.



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