Hyundai patented phone lock system

Hyundai patented phone lock system

The technology will make it impossible to send SMS and block other functions of the smartphone.

Hyundai US patented technology to restrict the use of mobile phones while driving, writes Autoblog. The company believes this system can reduce the number of accidents and lead to improved road safety.

It should be noted that the system will block different functions depending on the situation. For example, technology will make it impossible to send SMS messages. The locking system includes several antennas that are installed in the vehicle. For the new technology to work properly, there must be a dedicated app on mobile devices.

The fact is that the problem of using gadgets while driving is relevant not only for the United States. Several other countries are also drafting legislation to prohibit the use of smartphones while driving.

“It is forbidden to use a mobile phone in the hands of the driver. It can also be a smartwatch that can also take photos, send messages, or smartphones and other gadgets. Many drivers not only talk on the phone, but also take pictures or text messages and at the same time continue to drive the car, sending information and photos to Facebook or Twitter, "commented one of the authors of the new system.




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