Replacing the handbrake cable - check how the work looks disassembled!


The handbrake, also known as the emergency or parking brake, is one of the most important elements in an entire vehicle. Its task is to prevent a parked car from rolling downhill in the absence of a driver. If you are dealing with this type of mechanical system in your car, then you can be sure that the braking force is transmitted to the rear axle via a cable. This element wears out after a while and must be replaced with a new one. In such cases, the handbrake cable may need to be replaced. This process is not the easiest, but most amateur mechanics can handle it. Learn how to replace the handbrake cable.

Handbrake cable replacement - when is it necessary?

Before you learn how to replace the handbrake cable, you need to know when to do it. This element, like any other part, has some signs of excessive wear. The handbrake cable will need to be replaced if it stops working properly. This can be manifested by a noticeable "play" in the handle or the vehicle not being held in place despite the brakes being applied. If you notice these symptoms, then you can be sure that the parking brake cable needs to be replaced.

Handbrake cable replacement - work steps

Want to learn how to replace the handbrake cable yourself? First you must know how to make sure that this component is faulty. To do this, you will need to jack up the car and in some cases remove all the wheels. This way you confirm that the cable itself has failed, and not other components. 

How to start an exchange?

Wondering how to replace the handbrake cable? Start by loosening it! First you need to remove the rear cover of the ashtray, located in the center console, and also loosen the parking brake adjusting nut. After that, it will be necessary to gently swing the lever with a screwdriver. What's next?

How to replace the parking brake cable step by step - disassembly

First you need to dismantle the old cable. How to do it? Here's a step-by-step guide to replacing the handbrake cable.

  1. Remove the handbrake lever cover.
  2. Loosen the adjusting nut so that the cable pins can be moved.
  3. Hang out the mounting pins.
  4. Remove the heat shield and lower covers of the vehicle.
  5. Loosen the knobs and mounting plate on the cable.
  6. Disconnect the element from the latches.

You already half know how to replace the handbrake cable. Look how it's put together!

Installing the handbrake cable - individual steps

Replacing the handbrake cable will not be successful without installing a new part. What do the individual steps look like? 

  1. Place the cable into the brake calipers and attach the lock plate.
  2. Hook the element into the socket located on the parking brake lever.
  3. Route and install the cable on the chassis. 
  4. Turn the adjusting nut so that the cable tension does not sag.

Now you know how to replace the handbrake cable. It still needs to be configured. How to do it?

Basic handbrake cable setting

Replacing the handbrake cable should end with the adjustment of the element. How to do this?

  1. Apply the brake to the third detent position.
  2. Tighten the adjusting nut until it is almost impossible to turn the wheels by hand.
  3. Release the brake.
  4. Spin the rear wheels.
  5. Apply and release the handbrake several times.
  6. Press the brake pedal several times.

How much does it cost to replace a steering cable?

Surely you are still interested in what is the price of replacing the handbrake cable. It all depends on what car you have. The vehicles are mechanically different, so the cost also fluctuates. However, the average cost of replacing a handbrake cable for a mechanic is around 8 euros.

Replacing the handbrake cable is quite a difficult task. JIf you are able to follow the instructions and have a basic knowledge of auto mechanics, you should be able to do this repair yourself. Otherwise, it must be done by a mechanic. You already know how much it costs to replace a handbrake cable - it's a small investment in exchange for the confidence that the problem is fixed correctly.

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