Replacing the gear knob - how to do it yourself? Step-by-step instruction


The ability to repair small parts in a car is very useful. It allows you to limit costs only to the cost of a given part. So it is with the replacement of the gear knob. In a heavily used car, this component can crack or scratch quite quickly. From the manual you will learn how to dismantle the shift knob and replace it with a new element.

Replacing the shift knob - how is it different from replacing the shift knob?

The two activities differ in several respects. Replacing the shift knob involves removing and replacing the part you hold when you want to change gear. Replacing the stem is a much more complex operation that requires special knowledge. For this reason, it must be performed by a car mechanic. 

When should you consider replacing the shift knob?

The elements of the car interior wear out the fastest - the steering wheel and gear knob. The reason for replacing the element is most often its cracking. This not only spoils the appearance in the cabin, but can also be unpleasant for the driver's hands. It ruins the driving experience. Before selling a car, it is worth considering whether the appearance of these small elements will discourage the buyer.

Gear shift knob - which one to choose?

Before learning how to replace the gear knob step by step, you need to buy a new item. When buying, consider:

  • material of manufacture - leather or aluminum would be best;
  • shape - it should fit not only the hand, but also the style of the car interior;
  • the weight of the handle - lighter ones will allow you to shift gears more freely, but still depends on the preferences of the driver.

How to replace the gear knob step by step?

The whole procedure for replacing the gear knob is not particularly difficult. You can do it yourself and you won't need any special tools. You may only need a screwdriver.

How to remove the shift knob?

In most cars, you can unscrew the element with your bare hands, but it happens that you need a screwdriver. Sometimes you also need to pry off the shift knob with a flat tool. Remember, however, that there is a risk of scratching the upholstery. 

After unscrewing the handle, only the bellows should remain on the stem. It is made of fabric or rubber protection. The next step is to dismantle it.

How to remove the gearshift cover?

Most often, it is enough to sharpen it slightly, because it is attached to the latches. In some car models, it can be unscrewed with a screwdriver. Then it needs to be pulled by a stick. If it is damaged, you can also replace it. 

How to sew a gear knob?

Another way to freshen up the look of your shift knob is to trim it. How to sew a gear knob? It takes some work, but the results can be great. The advantage is that you can choose the type and color of the skin yourself. 

This is a good option for people who want to customize the interior of the car to their imagination, and not rely on the manufacturer's suggestion. If you think that you can’t handle trimming the knob on your own, nothing is lost - specialized companies also do this. 

Assembling the shift kit

It's as easy as disassembly. Put on the bellows, pull it over the rod and install it on the native mount. You may need zip ties or an upholstery stapler. It remains only to screw in a new element. The shift knob replacement is complete.

Replacing the shift knob yourself will surely give you a lot of fun. In this way, you can save money that you would have to spend on the services of a mechanic. The exchange itself will take no more than an hour.

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