Replacing an H7 light bulb - what you need to know about it?


The H7 halogen bulb is typically used in side or low beam applications. Although its service life is very long, it is a heavily used element that needs to be replaced with a new one from time to time. Replacing an H7 bulb is downright trivial in some cases. If the manufacturer of the car you own has decided to make this process easier for their customers, you will end up with a screw-in head. 

Otherwise, the answer to the question of how to replace the H7 bulb yourself can be much more difficult. Having to move the battery, remove special shrouds, and in extreme cases, gain access through a hatch that is built into the fender are just some of the problems you may encounter. Check out how to change an H7 light bulb!

H7 bulb assembly - how does this element work?

Before getting an answer to the question of how to replace the H7 light bulb step by step, it is worth considering what is the principle of operation of this part. This solution is most often installed in car headlights. Therefore, they are used in the overall, high or low beam. 

Halogen lamps, to which the H7 product belongs, are distinguished from others by the gas contained in the quartz bulb. It consists of:

  • argon;
  • nitrogen;
  • krypton;
  • iodine;
  • no. 

It is the last two elements, belonging to the halogen group, that make replacing the H7 bulb not as fast as before. Until recently, the real problem was the darkening of the bubble caused by tungsten particles circulating in it. This problem is no more. Despite this, it is still necessary to replace the H7 bulb from time to time.. How often should this be resolved?

Installing an H7 bulb in a car - how often should I do it?

You need to know not only how to replace the H7 bulb, but also how often it needs to be done. This element reaches high temperatures, so it can burn out at the most unexpected moment. When an H7 bulb needs to be replaced depends on many aspects. Most manufacturers claim that their product will last around 500 hours. Thus, the replacement interval for a new product is approximately one year. 

Many drivers decide to replace the H7 bulb only after it burns out. This is extremely dangerous! The failure of this element while driving at night could lead to serious problems. That is why it is better to prevent such situations. Wondering how to replace an H7 light bulb without damaging anything? Nothing complicated!

How to replace the H7 bulb yourself, or who can decide on this? 

The answer to the question of how to replace an H7 light bulb is really trivial. The task itself is very simple, so even an inexperienced person can handle it with the help of a service book. This activity can be carried out in the yard, in the garage, etc. Replacing the H7 bulb is often necessary during a longer trip. What does it mean? This element can be replaced by a new one by anyone and under any conditions. 

How do you replace an H7 bulb if you don't have access to the car's owner's manual? Below you will find instructions!

How to change H7 light bulb step by step?

Replacing an H7 bulb is divided into several steps. Follow them for success.

  1. Open the hood and locate the headlight housing where the H7 bulb needs to be replaced. Remove all covers if necessary.
  2. Grasp the metal pin and very carefully slide it to the side. Do this carefully, as excessive force will cause the element to bend.
  3. Carefully remove the plug from the bulb. Do this carefully - otherwise you can damage the wires. 
  4. When installing the H7 bulb, do not touch the metal bulb of the new product. This can lead to a significant reduction in its service life.
  5. Use the notch in the base of the lamp to properly align it in the reflector. 
  6. When you're done, make sure the new element is properly lit. If so, then the replacement of the H7 bulb is complete. 

Replacing the H7 light bulb at the mechanic - price 

If you do not have the relevant knowledge and experience, entrust the replacement of the H7 lamp cube to a mechanic, thanks to this you will be sure that the bulb has been correctly installed and configured. 

How much do specialist services cost? It all depends on how difficult it is to access the element itself, which means what car you are driving. In most cases, replacing an H7 bulb by a mechanic does not cost more than 8 euros. In turn, this lesson in the case of simple cars will cost about 20-3 euros.

Replacing the H7 bulb is one of the most important activities. Just think what can happen if you suddenly lose visibility in the middle of the night. This situation could lead to tragedy. That is why it is so important to prevent such dangers and replace parts in a timely manner.

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