Replacing shock absorbers - how to do it in your own garage?


Brake pads, filters or shock absorbers are elements that wear out. Replacing shock absorbers should not be postponed, because the suspension system is relatively gentle. In older models, these parts were much stronger, but now they are much more susceptible to any damage. Check out how to replace shock absorbers yourself!

What is the function of shock absorbers in a car?

It is the shock absorbers that you owe to the absence of vibrations when driving on uneven surfaces. These elements make driving much more comfortable and safer. After all, without them, the wheels of your car would not be in constant contact with the road. This can lead to an increase in braking distance. But this is not the end! Constant vibrations have a negative effect on ride quality, so replacing shock absorbers as they wear out is something that you can't wait to do.

Replacing shock absorbers - where to start?

Before moving on to how to change the shock absorbers step by step, you must first immobilize the car. How to do it? First of all, the car must be on a level surface and the wheels must be locked. If you don't do this, shock absorber replacement won't be completely safe. 

Once immobilized, you can start removing the front wheel. This will give you access to the swingarm and McPherson strut. In order for the shock absorbers to be replaced, it will be necessary to dismantle the rack itself. To do this, unscrew both the tie rod and the anti-roll bar. In most cases, this element is fastened with three screws in the cup and two bolted to the hub of the wheel itself. Take care of the bottom screws first, then move on to the top ones. After that, it will be possible to remove the entire part.

How to replace shock absorbers when the McPherson strut is already removed? Check!

How to replace shock absorbers in a car?

After removing the strut, it will be much easier to replace the shock absorbers. First you need to take care of dismantling the spring. This is not possible without a spring extractor. In addition, this activity requires concentration. Otherwise, a tight element may hurt you. 

How to do it safely? Gradually compress the spring with a quality puller. The tense element is a really serious threat. What does it look like step by step?

  1. Put on both cuffs.
  2. Compress the spring evenly on both sides.
  3. After making sure that the spring is properly compressed, unscrew the top nut. 
  4. Now you can release the top cover, making it possible to dismantle the element itself.

After removing the spring, you can put on a new element and twist the remaining parts together. Then fix the new shock absorber on top with a cap and nut. Once the new pullers are evenly loosened, the shock absorber replacement is almost complete.

Replacing shock absorbers — before. How to finish the job?

Finally, you need to assemble all the components. When removing the strut, check that its upper bearing is in good condition. In many models, this element turns out to be defective, and replacing it with a new one will significantly increase the efficiency of the suspension. After tightening all the elements, the replacement of the front shock absorbers will be completed.

Replacing shock absorbers — rear. What should you know?

When it comes to replacing shock absorbers, the rear of the car is easier to service than the front. In most cases, the rear elements will not be fixed in any column, so removing them is much easier. First, stabilize and secure the vehicle so that the shock absorber replacement goes smoothly. Having done this, place a jack under the swingarm and raise it slightly, which will reduce the load on the shock absorber.

Most often, the shock absorber is attached with one bolt to the swingarm and two to the body. Start unscrewing from the first. There are probably more screws in the trunk. Therefore replacement of shock-absorbers can demand removal of an upholstery. After unscrewing all the screws, you can remove the element. 

Now you more or less know how to replace shock absorbers. However, if you do not complete the entire operation correctly, all your work will be in vain, so check now what to do in the last stages of this activity so that everything goes smoothly!

How to replace shock absorbers with new ones yourself?

The last step in replacing a rear shock absorber is to install a new element. It consists in inserting the purchased part in place of the old one and screwing in the previously unscrewed screws. You must remember to assemble the trunk lining together. After that, the replacement of shock absorbers will be completed, and you can enjoy a serviceable car.

Replacing shock absorbers on mechanics - how much does it cost?

You already know how to replace shock absorbers. However, this does not mean that you should do it yourself. You can count on the services of a mechanic. How much does this service cost? Replacing shock absorbers in a car that is not too complex in design costs 5 euros per element. However, this price even increases to 25 euros for more complex models. 

How to replace shock absorbers? What do you need to remember? How much does a mechanic cost? You can replace shock absorbers yourself, but it is not necessary. If you can't do it, entrust this task to a specialist. This will ensure that it was done correctly.

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