Aston Martin Rapide E is canceled: the manufacturer is experiencing financial difficulties

In the spring of 2019, the company Aston Martin presented its debut electric car Rapide E. It was expected that in 2020 the novelty will hit the market. However, due to financial problems that the manufacturer faced in 2019, the electric car will not be released.

Rapide E is a car that has been announced and presented for a long time, but, most likely, the path of the novelty is over on this. For the first time they started talking about an electric car back in 2015. It was assumed that the car will become a luxury version of the Tesla Model S. The Chinese companies ChinaEquity and LeEco were supposed to help in the development of the novelty, but the partners did not live up to expectations, and the car moved into the category of an exclusive niche product.

In the spring of last year, the public was shown a pre-production version of the car. It happened at the Shanghai Motor Show. It was planned to produce 155 cars, which would go to the most devoted fans of Aston Martin. No cost has been announced.

The car would not have received rare or unique technical characteristics. Basically, the manufacturer planned to take the production model, remove the gasoline engine and supply the electrical installation.

A 65 kWh battery would be enough for 322 km of movement on a single charge. The sounded maximum speed of the electric car is 250 km / h. The car had to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4,2 seconds. Aston Martin Rapide E is canceled: the manufacturer is experiencing financial difficulties The electric car has already demonstrated its dynamic characteristics. For example, the novelty drove along the roads of Monaco. Most likely, such demonstration races became a swan song for Rapide E, and we will not see it in action again.

The information about insufficient funding is not confirmed, but this version looks plausible. Apart from losses, the electric car would have brought nothing to the company, including image achievements. For example, against the background of Lotus Evija, the Rapide E model looks more than modest.

Another version is problems with suppliers. Because of this kurtosis, the Morgan EV3 has already been canceled.



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