We choose a tourist enduro. What models do motorcyclists recommend?


If we take a closer look at the touring enduro, we will see that this is not a touring bike or an enduro. Manufacturers transferred many advantages both from individual segments and created a compromise type of two-wheeled transport. Thus, a design was created that allows you to comfortably move around simple terrain and overcome many kilometers of road distances.

Touring enduro bikes - what makes them different?

Machines designed for off-road driving with road homologation are enduro. They are characterized by narrow and large wheels, high ground clearance, light construction and a high seat. Typical touring bikes are very different - they have smaller and wider wheels, are heavy and not very manoeuvrable, and often may even have a reverse gear.

Functionality and performance - characteristics of the touring enduro

The combination of such motorcycles at first glance may seem unattainable, but the need of the market made it possible. Touring enduros are popular for their functionality, performance and agility. On such a vehicle, you can take a passenger (and more often a passenger) on a comfortable journey. Also, the enduro tourist has trunks, large-capacity fuel tanks, as well as steering wheels and arcs.

Who is the touring enduro bike for?

This offer is addressed to motorcyclists who do not stick to fast straights, and sometimes like to ride on gravel tracks overlooking the beautiful landscape. In fact, this is a compromise that gives a lot of opportunities, because nothing prevents you from quickly making a few turns on the pavement.

Enduro touring bikes aren't just temporary insanity, they're mainly geared towards long-distance riders. Of course, you can ride on any motorcycle in the blue, but where in the wilderness can you find a gas station? With this bike you don't have to worry about that.

Touring enduro motorcycles - how to buy?

Almost everything is said on the Internet about matching engine power to your skills. Don't go overboard with powerful copies in the beginning. You can bring danger to yourself and others, but just turn off the motorcycle.

Choose a touring enduro for your size

What else is important when choosing a touring enduro for yourself? This is primarily the correct selection of the machine for growth. Such two-wheelers are not the lowest. Although the position on them is very comfortable, remember that they can add to their weight. When you sit on such an enduro and touch the ground with your full feet, everything will be fine.

Enduro motorcycles - rating of interesting cars

It is impossible to choose a winner and an ideal structure from so many proposals on the market. There are several factors to this, including: preferences, physical conditions, needs, budget. All this matters for the final evaluation of the motorcycle. However, this does not stop us from compiling a list of excellent and especially beloved enduro touring bikes. Let's start the rating with models of several well-known brands.

Yamaha is a touring enduro. Which model to choose?

Let's start with a proposal from a representative of the Big Four. An interesting offer from Yamaha is the Tenere 700 touring enduro. This is a relatively new design that only uses the same drive as its predecessors. In addition, almost everything in it is new, which does not mean that it is bad. This is a very good adventure car.

Something for New Enduro Enthusiasts

This time around, the offer for slightly less experienced riders is the Yamaha TDR 250. This lightweight touring enduro has a curb weight of 155kg and 40hp. A very good car, but today it is more of a curiosity than an offer. Take a look at the XTZ660 Tenere and the MT-09 (although it's more of a classic camper).

Kawasaki - touring enduro on asphalt

As for the Kawasaki, the KLE 500 and Versys 650 are touring enduro bikes that you can try out on the pavement. The younger version replaced the predecessor, which is structurally outdated. The Versys 650 is a versatile bike, but on paved trails it feels noticeably better.

A slightly more powerful copy is the KLV 1000. This is definitely an offer for the experienced. Power 98 hp and a weight of 237 kg is a lot and you need experience riding a motorcycle on asphalt, and even more so outside it.

Japanese tourist enduro - what else to consider?

The Honda Africa Twin is a legendary design that easily covers 200-2 km. kilometers. When the decision was made to stop production of the model, fans unanimously reacted with considerable indignation. Now the Honda Africa Twin is just as good an investment as the XNUMXJZ engine.

Touring enduro for the most inexperienced

And now about something else - Honda Varadero 125. Touring enduro bikes with this capacity are usually suitable for the less experienced. But this one is unique and highly regarded by veterans. In addition to these offerings from Honda, take a look at the XR600, XL700A Transalp and Crosstourer.

Something versatile from Suzuki

Suzuki DR 350, 750 and 800 are basically equal in quality. These touring enduros are great for off-road riding, but just as good on paved paved trails. Although these are not the youngest buildings, you will find them on the secondary market. And don't forget the DL 1000 V-Storm.

Which enduro touring bike from Europe?

Let's start with the classic BMW F 650. This great lightweight touring enduro ended 20 years ago, but it's still a coveted piece. Definitely worth buying a model, especially for less experienced riders.

KTM and Triumph

Another great example of a touring enduro is the KTM 950 Adventure. So far, cross-country and enduro perfectionists have stormed the ON/OFF Road class with their hooves. A sensational bike in every way, as long as you don't ride it for more than 3km. turnover.

And now an offer straight from the islands - Triumph Tiger 800 XCA. It is not too heavy (214 kg) and produces about 100 hp. So you get a versatile and very enjoyable motorcycle for off-road and off-road riding.

Touring enduro bikes for the experienced

What subjects should you pay attention to if you already have a lot of experience? This is not easy, because usually enthusiasts know what they are looking for. Powerful adventure vehicles are:

● BMW R 1150GS;

● Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro;

● KTM 1290 Super Adventure S.

Enduro touring bikes are the perfect machines to go crazy on dirt roads and move efficiently on tarmac. You can spend many hours on them without visiting a physiotherapist, because the spine will not suffer. What's more, touring enduros are a lot of fun to ride in a straight line and aren't just for slower rides.

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