Test drive VW T-Roc: sports and music


First impressions of Volkswagen's newest and most affordable SUV

There is definitely a place for the T-Roc in the sun. Even aside from the favorable market conditions that have made crossovers a huge hit over the past (and probably next) decade, developments in the Volkswagen lineup have made room for the compact SUV on their own - the Tiguan has grown significantly over the generations, and the new Allspace extended version has added more 20 centimeters to his impressive physique.

All of this is an excellent precondition for a fresh and dynamic option for a young audience that relies on a sporty spirit in design, entertainment and modern electronics in equipment.

Test drive VW T-Roc: sports and music

In this sense, a close relative Audi QXNUMX is focusing more on the first letter of the SUV acronym than on the second, and its price level adds another significant factor in boosting the target audience's appetite.

Emphasis on dynamics

A more compact and shorter body with a heavily sloped tailgate and a swift silhouette adds new weapons to VW's styling arsenal in the form of details such as original daytime running lights and a very fresh color scheme that the T-Roc can easily compete with the traditionally daring ones. plan by representatives of the small class of cars.

There are also various contrasting color combinations on the main body and roof, which continue in color panels and in the interior design - a bold move by the designers, reflecting the wind of change in Wolfsburg.

The compact exterior dimensions and the dynamic silhouette have mainly influenced the volume in the boot and second row of seats, where, despite the lack of additional transformation options such as longitudinal displacement, for example, children and adults can travel at an average level.

Test drive VW T-Roc: sports and music

The ergonomics of the driver's seat are at the usual Tiguan level - everything is in place and does not cause problems, the seats are comfortable, with excellent lateral support. Infotainment and connectivity are on par, and the ability to customize the steering and transmission modes outside of standard programs is a nice addition to the model's character.

The difference between Comfort and Sport is clearly felt against the 340 Nm version with the 150 hp XNUMX-liter TDI, DSG and twin transmissions and is sure to appeal to fans of dynamic driving.

The same is with the drive, which, with a weight of 1455 kg, naturally does not experience any difficulties. From this point of view, there is no doubt that a 1,5-liter TSI with the same power, which was not yet available in early tests, will also be a successful and more affordable addition to the dynamic spirit of the T-Roc.

Good comfort

The short wheelbase also has a good effect on the responsiveness of the new model without significantly affecting the driving comfort typical of the compact class. Overall, the T-Roc's handling is well balanced without artificial harshness, and bumps in the road are absorbed without unnecessary noise and bumps.

Test drive VW T-Roc: sports and music

The drivetrain performance does not disturb the cabin ambience, and while the isolation from aerodynamic noise and suspension vibration is not quite the same as in the larger Tiguan, the T-Roc is well suited to its class in that regard.


The T-Roc does its job successfully and really impresses with fresh design accents and excellent crossover dynamics on the road. Modern security systems and infotainment systems successfully complement the philosophy of the model and will undoubtedly appeal to people with a young spirit, for whom the volume and practicality of the interior are not a priority.



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