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The Dutch edition of AutoWeek unveiled the first photos of the debut crossover from the Italian company Ferrari.

This is a landmark car for the automaker, because before he specialized in sports cars exclusively. The fact that this product will appear has been known for a long time. However, there was no data on the technical characteristics and appearance of new items. Now motorists have information about the appearance of the crossover, which is likely to blow up the market.
Crossover Ferari
For some 10 years, no one could have thought that the manufacturer Ferrari will depart from the old principles and begin to produce crossovers. Nevertheless, the Italian concern decided to take the best from modern car design, add the wishes of Ferrari representatives and release a completely new product.

At one time, CEO Sergio Marchionne said that this car will be the fastest among SUVs. He asked the public to wait until 2020. At that time, it seemed that this was a promise for a very distant future, but 2020 is already knocking at the door, and soon we will see a new Ferrari in action.



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